What are the best water sports for this summer?

Well, there are many sports to try out in, summer time. Summer is an exciting season where people are highly interested to try some water sports. This is the time when the holiday starts so with the increasing temperature of the weather, the crowd gets bigger around the beach.

If you enjoy doing fun activities and ready for a relaxing holiday then you should plan ahead of time and make proper knowledge on what to do once you are out in the water.

Few Water Sports To Try On This Summer

Here is in this article I am going to highlight some of the most popular water sports or activities to explore around summer time. I will be listing these randomly so feel free to pick the one most suitable for you and your family.



This is one the top of the lists because it is probably the most popular sports. It doesn’t matter where you plan your holiday, you will see some kind of swimming activities. So having a great session in the water will defiantly increase the fun level. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind if you are trying this:

  • Stay safe at the beach: Beach could be quite dangerous. Make sure you know the surroundings and look for safety instructions. Also stay alert and be aware of the local laws. And most important, if you are traveling with kids, have an extra care.
  • Test Water: Always check the water level and weather, this applies to both sea and river water. Look for rocks and other submerged objects. Shallow water could be a potential danger. It can become deeper very rapidly.
  • Be prepared: Have a proper knowledge of first aid and safety. This is easier to learn but absolutely vital on emergencies and crucial near water. Have first aid kit available and know the content of it.



Another exciting sport for young and energetic travelers. This sports require a lot of practice and training season. Also without proper knowledge, this sport can turn into a bad experience. Surfing is most popular in places where the beach is wide and windy. Surfing is a lot of fun and you will not regret trying it. So let me list a few important tips on what you should do to make it more pleasant.

  • Instructor Qualification: Before you start training, make sure to inquire about the necessary qualification of your instructor. A lot of countries has different rules and certification to follow before you can start surfing in the water.
  • Training Season: If are new to this, at least try 1-2 training season with the instructor before even trying out by yourself. Things, like paddling to waves and staying on and wiping out, will be taught in the training season.
  • Time of surfing: There are restrictions on time when you can surf. So depending on the time, find out the suitable time for you. Usually, there are some specific period of hours on all beach when it is ideal to surf.



This is actually my favorite and most enjoyable for most new travelers. This is actually quite relaxing and can be very enjoyable if done right. Even if you are scared to go deep under the water then try snorkeling. So let me give you some guidelines on what to do when preparing for a dive.

  • Research: Like any other activities on this list, you will need to go through some research period. If already have the skill then you might want to revise the knowledge just to make the whole experience to go smooth. Make sure you prepare yourself for a safe dive.
  • Getting the right diving gear: Diving gear can be expensive and you need to be picky about what to choose. Some places will have rent facilities so you will be able to rent the necessary gear from there. Also, some gears require extra care when handling. The best would be to ask the renting place for handling instructions.
  • Before going deep: Do not try going very deep on your first try. Diving can be dangerous can cause serious injury or even death. So always stay alert for any circumstances and act according to the safety rules. Do enough practice on shallow water and make sure all the equipment are working before letting you go into the deep water.



An ideal sport to try for beginners. Comparing to bike riding, it is easy to pick up and within few hours you can be an expert. As part of my guides, here are some key elements you should keep in mind before trying kayaking.Fishing while kayaking is one of the most attractive part of kayaking. You need different types of fishing gear for that. One of the important tools of fishing while kayaking is fishing net. So read this Best Fishing Net For Kayak where I find out the markets best kayak fishing net.

  • Make sure to get a lesson: Kayaking looks simple and you might think there is no need for a lesson. Well, you might be wrong. You need to how to start on kayaking before you get on it.A lesson from an expert will speed up your knowledge on kayaking. Also, try kayaking on shallow water before going deep.
  • Proper clothing: In this sports, it is likely that you will be exposed to the sun for a long period of time. So have a proper clothing on you before heading out. Also, do not forget about the sunscreen for extra protection against UV.
  • Choosing the right Kayak: There are many different types of kayaks so you need to know which one will suit you. There is some kayak where two people can ride at the same time. Also having a lightweight paddle will increase the comfort level of yours so you can focus on entertainment more.
  • Try not to do it alone: While kayaking, try to go with a group. It is important as if you are in need of anything then you will have help available. So prepare accordingly and act wisely. I am pretty sure having friends paddling alongside with you will be more fun than just roaming around just by yourself.

That’s all for now, Hope you will have a good time this summer. Try any of these and you will have a great time in this awesome weather. There are some other sports that I did not mention here. Such as parasailing, rowing, kite surfing, jet skiing is also very enjoyable.

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