Penn Fathom Lever Drag Review & Buying Guide in 2020!

Penn Fathom Lever Drag is one of the best saltwater reels available in the market. Although there are so many fishing reels available similar to Penn Fathom Lever Drag. But some features Penn Fathom Lever Drag has are not available on other fishing reels. If you love fishing you will surely like to have Penn Fathom Lever Drag fishing reel. But Before you buy It with your hard earned money. You must read this article to check the features of Penn Fathom Lever Drag. Also Here is Pros. & Cons. Section for you. Which will help you decide whether to buy Penn Fathom Lever Drag or not.

Penn Fathom Lever Drag Review: 

penn fathom lever drag review

Product Features:

It has very nice features in it. Here you will get a nice range of style & sizes of It. Other than the size range you will have a nice drag system in It. Bearings system and gears of It will make your fishing experience great.

Before Buying any fishing reel anglers check the reel’s capacity, durability, and all other features sometimes online and sometimes from another professional currently using that particular reel. Are you also looking for a review of Penn Fathom Lever Drag. Then you are at right place. Here you will get the latest, the most important and useful details about the Penn Fathom Lever Drag.

Also, we have a separate FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Section which will clear any doubt from your mind related to Penn Fathom Lever Drag. And at the end yes always there is a conclusion at the end, to sum up the things together to find a more practical result from our review.

Style & Size​:

Penn Fathom Lever Drag is available in 7 different styles & sizes. Here we will tell you about the all 7 different sizes and styles available in the market in Its Model. Sizes of It are available from 15 to 60. Two styles of It are available in left-hand model for the left-handed persons and anglers. It is very important to choose according to your requirement, the size and style of the It will affect your fishing experience so keep in mind your requirements, then after that choose the right one for you.

Drag System​:

Penn Fathom Lever Drag has Dura-Drag system in it. No problem of snags and hesitation if you have It. Even if you have extreme settings in your drag system, You will get nice dragging from Dura-Drag system of It.


It has 16 Ounce weight. You will get a packed product shipped to your home at 1.8 Ponds weight. Due to full metal body, it is heavy in weight. Which will trouble some anglers?

Gears & Bearings:

Penn Fathom Lever Drag has an amazing bearing system in it. There are 5 shielded stainless steel bearing balls in the Penn Fathom Lever Drag. The Gears & Bearings system in It has Fluid Cranking, Switchblade harness lugs, and double dog ratchet anti-reverse system available in Penn Fathom Lever Drag.


Yes, Penn Fathom Lever Drag is costly than other fishing reels available in the market. Here you will get the detailed price list for the Penn Fathom Lever Drag. It is available in different sizes, as you already know. So the price for these size & styles of It varies differently. It will cost you more than $200 for the smallest size available. And for the biggest size, it will cost you near to $250.

Maintenance of It:

There are not any hard and fast rules for maintenance of It. You just have to keep it in a safe place and also after every use you should de-assemble it and clean it deeply with cloth or rinse water. Maintaining your Penn Fathom Lever Drag reel will make this reel more durable and sustainable.

Anything Else​?

It is a Heavy-duty lever drag fishing reel that offers phenomenal durability and cranking power. Full metal body and side plates constructed from die-cast aluminum for rigidity. Quick Shift 2-speed system easily shifts into high or low gear

The Pros:

  • ​It is a Durable reel.
  • ​It is best Suitable for Saltwater.
  • ​It has the Full Metal body with good strength.
  • Smooth Drag will be there while fishing with It.
  • You can Easily Cast your fishes.
  • Easy to use for beginners.

The Cons:

  • ​It has a heavy weight.
  • ​Sometimes there is problem in its drag.
  • ​Expensive to replace the parts of It.
  • Gear Jamming problem is common.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: Which size should I buy?

A: It is all up to you. You must know your needs first. After knowing your needs you will be capable to choose the right spinning reel for yourself. Which will not only match your needs and fulfill them but also will give you a great experience in fishing.

Q: Is this reel suitable for both saltwater and freshwater?

A: In saltwater, it works very fine. But we are not quite sure about its working in freshwater. According to information collected from the network of anglers, It is not best for freshwater.

Q: Which size is preferred for small fishes?

A: If you are going to catch the small fishes only, Then you should choose the recommended size of Penn Fathom Lever Drag. These sizes will work great for you to catch small fishes.

Q: Do I have to be careful when using it in saltwater?

A: Yes, It is suitable for saltwater but that doesn’t mean that you don’t take any care of it and will work for you for years. No, Not at all. You have to simply take care of It. You need to rinse it after every use in saltwater.

Q: How many Bearing Balls It has?

A: It has 5 shielded stainless steel bearing balls in it, with fluid cranking features.


Before buying Penn Fathom Lever Drag you must get all your requirements noted down on a paper. After that, you have to determine the budget for your new fishing reel. Here It will charge you a bit more than other’s available in the market.

But surely you will get nice features here in Penn Fathom Lever Drag. Before buying the It you must read this review carefully. Before spending your money on It, You must check the official details about the seller. Other than this you should be aware of your own needs.

First of all, you should know about the fishing spot where you will go for the fishing. According to that fishing spot, you will get so many help in choosing and buying a new fishing reel for you.

In the end, we are not going to recommend you to buy this product or not. But as we always recommend our visitors one of the most important things is the advice.

And that Advice is to use your own Mind. You should listen to yourself to decide that whether you want to buy or not it is all up to you. So finally now you have details about Penn Fathom Lever Drag, so you can now choose the right one for you to start fishing soon. Best of luck!

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