Penn Battle 2 Review

Are you an angler looking to make your next angling battle incredible? If yes, then Penn Battle 2 is something that should interest you. With several significant upgrades from the older version, the Penn Battle has you covered on your next fishing trip.

Penn Battle 2 Review

If you opt for a quality reel in the range of 100$ the Penn Battle II fits the mark. This pricing is moderate considering how well it has stepped up the upgrade challenge with its quality features.

From the box, the reel has a slightly solid-feel to it in weight and build quality.  The rubber knob feels excellent in your hand even after hours of fishing, and I find the retrieve to be very smooth. Penn also makes fishing rods and offers a great value with its products.

If you are modest when it comes to pricing but still wants quality, then this is a great way to get started on the fishing waters; with a solid reel and rod combination for a very affordable price!

Stay put to figure out why Battle 2 reel is perfect for your needs in the detailed Penn Battle 2 review below!

Penn Battle 2 Features and Details

The Penn Battle 2 is crafted from durable materials and packed with fish-fighting features. This saltwater reel is engineered to catch fish year after year without much damage. From the full metal body, rotor and side plate, to the five stainless steel ball bearings which are sealed, each component is designed to help you! Penn Battle 2 is a solid everyday reel that you can rely on, and it will not disappoint you. The reel’s HT-100 Versa-Drag carbon fiber drag system leverages both sides of each drag washer to provide maximum drag, and its instant anti-reverse bearing eliminates pullback, so you reel without interruption. Furthermore, the drag washers are treated with a proprietary grease to ensure long-lasting performance. Suitable for use with Berkley or Spider wire Superfine, the spool has a rubber gasket that prevents the Superfine from slipping under pressure meaning anglers can use braided line without a mono filament backing. And thanks to its line capacity rings, the spool displays at a glance how much fishing-line is remaining.

Upgrades compared to Original Battle

Five sealed Ball Bearings:

Penn Battle’s ball bearings are stainless steel and are sealed. It is evident that this reel has one less ball bearing from the previous generation and the bearing lack shielding. However, this does not make it less effective. It acts as a beneficial aspect in that it adds extra durability in salt water by preventing water intrusion.

Increased Drag Pressure:

A more significant drag pressure is one of the critical elements of the Penn Battle 2 reel. Using the system of inputting the trademark HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers there is an achievement in the drag pressure. With these drag washers, you can use both sides of drag-washers. Profitably, this results in a 20% increase in the maximum drag. Despite the fact of its rare use, it is quite relieving to know that it is available!

Corrosion resistance:

Penn’s paint job has taken corrosion resistance to another level! The improved paint job helps against all the sprays and chemicals that used to damage the previous versions. With this update, corrosion is not a problem as an exceptional paint job addresses it!

Upgraded Spool:

One of the most exciting features is the addition of line capacity rings on the spool which make sure that you always know how many lines you have remained on the line-spool. Line capacity rings is an innovation that has been adopted by many tackle manufacturers.

The rubber inlay on the spool helps you to load the line-spool directly with braided line and skip having to back it with the mono.  Making sure that your line-spool is sufficiently loaded but not overloaded is critical when you hook a big fish, as you want to be aware of how much line is left on the reel so that your catch of the day does not leave you wounded.


  • ​Have a variety of size choices depending on your suitability
  • ​Increased drag pressure for big fish catching
  • ​The robust material used for a durable reel
  • Introduction of up to 6.2:1 gear ratios
  • Effective for saltwater fishing thanks to the corrosion resistant paint
  • Provision of powerful drag which does not interfere with the smoothness of the reel
  • The superline spool does not require backing


  • ​Regardless of having stainless bearings, complaint arises when users have not pictured any way of keeping the grit particles away from contact with the corrosive saltwater.
  • ​This is not a friendly phenomenon.

Our Thoughts

Penn Battle 2 seems to be a better upgrade than the original version. Even though it has similar lines and drag washers to the original version, this reel version has several upgrades such as a smaller frame and ball-bearing upgrades. These ball bearing upgrades have incredibly added to the durability of the reels, and they can resist saltwater use for a more extended period. Additionally, the increased drag pressure can be felt right away in the overall reel smoothness.

The modifications, however, did not change the original purpose of the previous battle version which was to act as an in-between reel for inshore and offshore fishing.

We, however, think that the manufacturers should reduce the overall weight of the reel. With the original version of the Penn Battle, many anglers noticed that this reel was a little bit heavy compared with other fishing-reels from different manufacturers. Regrettably, Battle 2 weight stays close to the first one and is still a bit heavy for some anglers. Some people, however, prefer a more solid feel and this might not be a problem for them.

The new spool with line capacity rings is excellent. With experience, many anglers will tell you that is better not to load the reel to its full capacity. The reason to this is that they seem to have issues especially with the wind knots and if you are fishing with a quality braided line you know that it does not come cheap. When you manually close the bail rather than using the handle, you will find fewer issues with wind knots.

The issue on sealing, you will discover that the reel is not fully sealed. Not fully sealing may lead to detrimental corrosion in case the fishing-reel falls in water, though this is a minor issue if taken care of properly.

How Penn Battle 2 Matches Similar Reels

Penn Battle reel is quite similar to other fishing-reels in that it has five ball bearings and the average range vary from four to six. Most fishing-reels drag power varies from 13lbs to 20lbs; Battle 2 is in scope in that it has a drag power of 15lbs. The weight range is usually 12oz to 14oz, and Battle 2 can brag the weight of 12.80 oz. The gear ratio is 6.2:1 across several fishing-reels including the outstanding Penn Battle 2! The pricing of Battle 2 reel is moderated and is worth it considering the improved features and work ability.


01. Which reel size is the perfect one?

Well, something that should be clear is that ‘all sizes are brilliant choices, but that would depend on what you wish for/ looking for. Dimension 1000 is the smallest (8.1 ounces) while we also have size 8000 which is the greatest and weighs 30.2 ounces. The in-between models will fall between the intervals of the two mentioned. Other factors like the max drag lift and the gear ratio will follow next.

02. What if I’m left-handed?

The Penn Battle 2 series will always have an option to unscrew the reel handle and attaching it to the side you want to since they are hand versatile. So, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a reel that you can only use it on one side hence inconveniencing your fishing experience.

03. Is it compatible with both salt and freshwater?

Well, a reel would need maintenance regardless of the resistance-to-corrosion as mentioned earlier. More likely, you should ensure you thoroughly wash your coil every time you come from your fishing practice if you want to extend its life.


It is understandable why Penn Reels decided to make a Battle 2 an upgraded version. Included are several new features like line capacity rings plus new 2500 model. Penn is still keeping the essential elements which made the first Penn Battle a popular choice. However, the optimum quality of Battle 2 would improve if the weight issue gets fixed. Luckily, the Penn Battle 2 price stays moderated as the first version.

And to summarize, while you may be looking for a proven mid-class spinning reel and even own an original battle. It may be time to upgrade and pick up new generation Penn Battle 2. I would recommend buying Penn Battle 2 as a rod and a reel combination.

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