Penn Battle 2 Spinning Fishing Reel: [2021 Review]

If you want to get an additional opportunity and have fun on your fishing trips, then Penn battle 2 6000 is here for you. Let’s face it, this design is the prime successor of the old Penn battle, and it has grown popular in the past four years.

Penn Battle 2 Spinning Fishing Reel

With the ability to hold a heavy load, it has, therefore, become the best choice when you are aiming for big fish. Also, it comes with anti-reverse hence no loss whenever the catch is reeled in.

Judging from the price of this model compared to in-between models, you will realize that it is almost the same. This is quite fortunate. Therefore, you need to know how much progress is evident from the old version or in other words the significant upgrades made. For more information about Penn battle 2 6000 fishing reel, stay tuned for the review!This reel is very good for catfish. And I also heard from some people to say that this is the Best Catfish Spinning Reel available in the market.

Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel Review

Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

Just like the old versions and other varieties of fishing reels, there lie some features that can either be unique or improvements of the previous technology. These are what most people tend to emphasize on to review their purchase. Therefore, you need to take a glance and see how much was the effort invested.

Overview point:

Opening up on the real discussion, Penn Battle 2 is an open face reel with a total of eight different sizes. The idea of many sizes to choose from is to give you a collection to make a suitable selection. For instance, the scale 1000 is the lowest size making it the lightest.

It is, therefore, the best pick if you opt to go fishing on freshwater. Other designs like the 2500 size and 200 bodies fall under medium-high ratios. These ratios alternate, for instance; from 5.2:1 while ending with 6.2:1 for much more prominent models. The gear ratios, therefore, indicates how important the reel is in catching bass and other fitness applications.

In most bass anglers tournaments, you will find that pro anglers seem to favor gear ratios that range from 6.0:1. Which is okay and selective, however, the maximum drag for each version will grow steadily from nine to thirty.

Their weights range not too close but with a range from 8 oz with the size 1000 all the way to 30 oz for size 8000. The 8000 model is the strongest and the largest of them all.

Five sealed ball bearing:

Ok! in the previous generation of Penn battle, it was observed that the fishing reel contained six bearings, in contrary with this advanced model. However, something unique thrives about the five ball bearings Penn battle 2 6000 has. Manufacturers speak that they are not shielded; meanwhile, they are sealed stainless steel ball bearings. Engineers state further that this improvisation adds durability whenever you expose your fishing reel to saltwater by preventing intrusion of water.

Increased drag pressure:

Due to the last years’ Penn Conflict, it has been recorded that bigger drag pressure has been achieved by simply keying the trademark HT-100 drag washers. The result was approximated at 20% increase thanks to the first battle’s selling point allowing you to utilize both sides of the washers. However, most people don’t use the technique of maximum drag due to reasons we are not aware of, but it’s always good to know whether it is available or not.

Corrosion Resistance:

Undoubtedly, due to improved painting on the parts of the Penn battle, sprays and chemicals will have no other way to damage the reel, the likes of the old version. This idea was a solution to the most reported problem of corrosion that the last version was prone to. Thanks to the engineer of this fantastic new version.

Line capacity rings:

Before, if you wanted to know how much line is left on the fishing reel, then you had better be an accurate angler. However, many tackle manufacturers added line capacity rings to innovate their arsenal. This idea is the masterpiece for anyone wishing to hook big fish and maybe fishing at the dead stop.


  • ​It is very durable, characterized by the full metal body and the heavy-duty aluminum
  • ​HT-100 carbon fiber drag system offers a powerful drag
  • ​Fluid cracking with instant anti-reverse bearing and five sealed stainless ball bearings
  • High range spinning reel conquers the big saltwater game fish.
  • Contains line capacity rings


  • ​The quality of this fishing reel is incredible; however, it might be heavy for some individuals, especially the beginners
  • ​Therefore, make sure you reviewed your purchase and checked the weight of the entire system.
  • ​However, this fishing reel has a manageable weight compared to the ancient versions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have been in the dark about what you should opt for, these are some of the fundamental questions that come up whenever someone wishes for a fishing reel. For more data, you can suggest through the comment section. You are welcome.

01. Is this reel suitable for beginners?

Of course it is; however, it can be cumbersome to some people, making fishing a bit of a hectic exercise. If you’ll want to do lake or river fishing, then Penn battle 2 6000 is here to upgrade your fishing experience.

02. Can I use it for freshwater fishing?

Entirely; this is a fantastic reel that is not just meant for saltwater fishing. Its modifications make it suitable since it is corrosion resistant. Feel free to go fishing wherever you wish to, however, handle your Penn battle 2 6000 reels with care to prevent unusual occurrences such as breaking the handle of other mechanical issues that may damage it.

03. Is it only right sided?

Technically not; Penn battle 2 6000 allows you to use both sides by directly attaching your handle where it suits you, be it left or right. Attachment is simple, but if you needed a hand, kindly refer from manufacturers website or attend to their nearby agent office to get first-hand help.

Wrapping Up

Penn Battle 2 6000 as we all see it, is a family of the Penn Battle 2 which is also an improved version of the old Penn battle. This review has taken you through the features which have taken charge to make it an excellent choice.

Corrosion resistance level and the increased drag pressure has made it a top-notch product today. And kindly, if you try to compare the prices of these two types of models, you will assert that there is no point rejecting this design in favor of the old version.

Once again, since features have been improved, equally expect the performance and your skill to do likewise. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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