Orvis Recon Review: Fly Rod Dreams are Made

A good fishing rod is a bit like the wands from Harry Potter. When you hold the perfect one in your hands, you instinctively know that it is the right one for you. 

Orvis Recon Fly Rod

Anglers and fly fishermen are always on the lookout for the rod that will last for a lifetime.

Searching for the best fishing rod isn’t easy. Many of the better fly rods are unattainably expensive. 

Many of them are also difficult for newer anglers to work with. But if you’ve ever seen any Orvis Recon reviews, you will know that this isn’t always true.

So today, we are going to take a long hard look at an Orvis Recon fly rod. In this Orvis Recon rod review, we shall examine and analyze the Orvis Recon 5-Weight 9′ Fly Rod. 

Our review will focus on the first impressions of the fly rod, its performance, and all the things we liked and disliked about it.

If you want to find out more about this flexible and responsive Orvis Recon freshwater fly rod, keep reading. Who knows, it may be the fishing rod you’ve been waiting for!

Why Do You Need an Orvis Recon Rod?

Wondering why we’re so set on this particular fly rod? After all, there are many other budget-friendly, lightweight fishing rods out there. So why this one?

The answer is pretty simple. 

Most Orvis Recon fly rod reviews all state the same thing: the performance of this particular rod blows all the other ones out of the water. A combination of features makes this rod unique and absolutely worth getting.

Here’s why we think everyone needs to have an Orvis Recon among their fishing equipment:

They Feel Amazing:

Unlike many other rods, there is almost no learning curve needed for the Orvis Recon fly rod. This rod feels light and flexible, and yet it feels solid and dependable in your hands.

Moreover, it is pretty sensitive and responsive, so fishing with it will feel natural and effortless. These things make the Orvis Recon the ideal fly rod for beginners and experienced fishermen alike.

They Are Pretty Versatile:

We really liked how the rods had a range of sizes and weights so you can get the one that feels the most comfortable to you. 

Moreover, you can also determine the size of your rod based on the kind of fishing you plan on doing or the conditions of your fishing trip.

Here are the available different sizes:

  • 10′ 0″ 3 WT
  • 8′ 6″ 4 WT
  • 9′ 4″ 5 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 6 WT
  • 9′ 0″ 8 WT

Orvis Recon rods are great for lots of different kinds of fishing expeditions. Whether you are fly fishing in a kayak, a shallow pool, or large lakes and fast-flowing streams, the rod will work wonderfully. 

It is also suited for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. As any Orvis Recon saltwater review will tell you, saltwater conditions won’t make a dent in these rods.

Their Quality is Great:

Perhaps the most important factor, Orvis Recon does not compromise on the quality of its construction. Orvis has implemented the latest technology, best materials, and innovative design to craft the Recon fly rod.

The newly designed ferrule is sturdy and the rod is equipped with a 7-inch half-wells grip and long-lasting hardware. 

Besides looking sleek and attractive, this modern design means that you can catch more fish and extend your trip, all without getting tired.

But it doesn’t end there! The Orvis Recon rod also comes with a whopping 25-year warranty! 

Orvis will repair broken or damaged fly rods, free of cost. In case your rod breaks, just contact the manufacturer.

Orvis Recon 5WT Review: A Closer Look

Orvis Recon Review

Now let’s dive deep and examine this fly rod in greater detail. In this section, we shall look at how well it works and our first impressions of the product.

Overview and First Impressions:

Like we mentioned before, the Orvis Recon rod is a mid-range rod when it comes to the price point. As far as the design and construction go, it is meant to be used by both beginners and more experienced anglers.

The fly rod has been described as ‘shadow green’, with black reel seats, and nickel hardware. Between the sleek and attractive design, and the muted colors and accents, this rod won’t startle the fish.

It also comes with an aluminum tube, a cloth rod bag, as well as a preloaded reel including proper backing and a protective case. 

The rod swings easily and effortlessly–it is so sensitive to your movements it can almost predict what you want it to do.

As it is lightweight, it is a good choice for teenagers and even kids to experiment with. Besides being responsive, the rod is great for casting accuracy and long-time comfortable use. 

It feels light and perfectly balanced in your hands, so fishing will feel natural, even for longer periods.


Orvis fly rod reviews all rave about the impeccable action it imparts. The Recon has a polished performance with swift action and light swing weight, which results in stunning accuracy and power every time. 

The Recon has near-perfect accuracy when it is cast over mid-range distances, with the accuracy gradually tapering off a little over longer distances.

However, you can easily cast the Recon over 60+ feet distances, without losing any of the power or feel. It has a softer tip (an ideal match for quick action) which improves the feel of this rod.

It also allows you to switch easily from one fishing technique to another when needed. One thing is guaranteed: you won’t ever feel bored with the Recon rods. 

In other words, the Orvis Recon rod will make sure your fishing trip is action-packed, fun, and full of fish!

Main Features:

  • Dimensions: 30.9 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 1.3 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Orvis

What We Liked:

  • Lightweight and streamlined design.
  • Balanced and natural feel.
  • Heavy-duty and quality construction.
  • Attractive and modern appearance.
  • Versatile and flexible.
  • Powerful and swift performance.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not the best for casting over longer ranges or distances.
  • It may be harder to use in very small bodies of water.

Why We Recommend It:

If you want a fly-fishing rod that feels almost like an extension of your arm, the Orvis Recon is the one to get. Whether you’ve been fishing for years, or just beginning to get the hang of things, you will love using it on your fishing trips.

Considering its price, we must say that the fly rod is worth every penny. Between its design, quality material, and modern construction, there’s nothing we would change about it. 

We loved how sturdy and powerful it was and its performance was off the charts amazing. In short, this is one of the best fishing rods you will ever use.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in the Orvis Recon 5W 9” Fly Rod

Maybe you’re convinced that this particular fly rod was meant just for you. But before you order it, you might want to hit the breaks and consider a few things first. 

This buying guide will help you decide if the Recon Orvis is the right choice for your fishing needs.

Range Length:

As we said earlier, this particular rod is best suited for mid-range casting distances. If you are planning on casting 70 feet or more, this won’t get the job done as well as you want it to. 

However, if you are in medium-sized streams and plan on casting in the 40-50-foot range the rod will give you the perfect accuracy and swing.


Although it is lightweight, the rod can be a little heavier than some people prefer. If you plan on using it to catch smaller fish in shallow ponds or streams, you might want something even lighter.

On the other hand, some people complain the tip is too flimsy and flexes too much, which makes it harder to catch larger or heavier fish. In that case, you should get something with a less pliable tip.

Rod Length:

This fishing rod is 9” long which is pretty average. However, this might not suit everyone’s preferences. If you want something shorter, you can try the Recon Orvis 5-Weight 8’6″ 4-Piece Fly Rod or the Orvis Clearwater 3-Weight 7’6″ Fly Rod instead.

It is important to get a fishing rod with a length that you are comfortable using. Otherwise, you can feel pretty overwhelmed when using one that is too long for you. Using a rod that’s too short can also strain your back and neck.

Maintaining Your Orvis Recon Fly Rod

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way toward keeping your fishing equipment in good shape. Here’s how you can keep your Recon rod working properly for a long time.

Use Tubes or Socks:

Fly rod socks and rod tubes are the easiest and fastest way to protect your fishing gear. They are also easy to identify and keep your rods from getting scratched up or dented.

Rod Holders are Vital:

If you have to leave your Orvis Recon rod unattended for a minute, don’t just lean it against something and walk away. It might just fall or crash down which will break the guides or reel seats off of your rod and even tangle your leader.

Instead, use a rod holder. This neat little tool holds your rod in place on boats and stops your fly rod from going board.

Keep Your Rod Clean:

After you’re done fishing for the day you should rinse off your rods to remove any leftover sand, dirt, or residue from saltwater. Dry them off properly before putting your rod away in storage.

Getting rid of sand and residue is pretty easy–just use a soft toothbrush to scrub them off. You can also wipe it down with a cloth to clean any remaining residue. 

Dealing with stubborn grit? 

Use sandpaper to lightly buff it off. Finish off with some waterproof seal to keep things smooth.

Store Your Recon Rod Properly:

When putting your rods in storage, don’t leave them leaning in a corner or against a wall. This can damage the tips. Instead, place them in some sort of storage rack or drawer.

Have Any Questions?

Below you’ll find answers to questions we get asked the most about Orvis Recon rod:

01. Does This Fly Rod Have Enough Balance?

The rod has the perfect kind of balance because of the down-locking reel seat and the even weight distribution of the overall unit.

02. Which Fishing Techniques and Styles Can You Try with a Fly Rod of Such a Length?

As this particular fly-rod is 9’’ you can carry out almost any technique for fishing. One of the rod’s strengths is its total versatility.

03. What is the Bend Like on This Rod?

Since the rod is lightweight and has a flexible tip, it gives the unit a deep bend, which is helpful when catching larger fish. It also gives protection against the lightest of tippets.

04. Is the Lift Sufficient or Will I Have to Put in More Effort?

The lift, power, and control are perfect for the Orvis Recon. This is because of the blank which dampens shock instantly and gives the whole rod a stronger and firmer backbone. This makes using the rod easy and effortless, even for beginners.

To Sum Up

If you’ve made it this far, then you know how well the Orvis Recon fly rod works. The Orvis Recon reviews were right, and this is one of the best fishing rods you can get your hands on. It works beautifully, feels amazing, and is worth every penny you spend on it.

Whether you want flexibility, power, or comfort, this rod will give you exactly what you’re looking for. The subtle-but-attractive design, innovative construction, and high-quality materials used guarantee the best ever fishing experience. 

So why not take the Orvis Recon on your next fishing trip?

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