Fishing with Dogs- A Complete Guide

Fishing with Dogs- A Complete Guide

fishing with dogsDogs are considered to be great partners and companions when it comes to camping, hunting and other great outdoor activities. However, fishing is somewhat a completely different story. Whether wade, boat or shore fishing, it ultimately narrows down to personal choice and the behavior of your dog when you are deciding to go fishing with him/ It will also depend on whether your dog will be a participant or a spectator.

Going for fishing adventures with your dog are considered to be one great way one can spend their day. There are dogs which will always be contented with lying in their comfortable corner inside the boat as they dream of the cats back at home.

Important Tips When Going Fishing With Your Dog

Here are five tips you need to consider when you allow your best buddy to come fishing with you.

  1. Before getting onto the boat, you first have to condition your dog so that they do not chasing the bait while casting. Dogs are predators hence, it is natural for them to see slight and quick movements and pursue it. It is important that you always train your dog to leave it or go to their place when you are casting.
  2. Always take precautionary measure to help keep your fishing gear secured to ensure that your dog doesn’t accidentally put them in their mouth or step on them. Dogs are known to get hooked, so in case that takes place, ensure that your dog remains calm and never try removing the hook yourself. Try to stabilize or lighten the weight on the hook and get to a vet faster.
  3. Always keep a safety line attached to your dog. This will ensure that your dogs do not jump overboard. In case you allow your dogs to swim while fishing, always remember to make good use of the safety line or a wireless dog boundary to help keep them away from the fishing lines whenever you are attempting to catch a fish.
  4. Make Good use of a properly fitting doggy jacket. It does not matter how good your dog can swim. You need to make good use of a pet flotation device just in case your dog accidentally falls overboard.
  5. Backing Up. You need to know where your dog is whenever you are backing up your boat. Any dog that has been trained well will know to stay out of the way but untrained or young dogs are most likely to jump in the way of danger.
  6. Use of Hooks. It is important that you always ensure you do not have anything loose in the way. There are fishing equipments which can at times be very dangerous.
  7. Ensure you have a bowl of water set aside for your dog. Most people think that fishing equipment is the only danger to their dog. Heat exhaustion can also pose a great danger just as it does to human beings. However, water alone might not be enough to keep your dog cool whenever you are fishing in the heat. You also need to look into doggie sunscreens especially if you own a short haired dog.
  8. Pee Breaks. The longer you will be out fishing, the harder it will be for your dog to hold it. In case it is a short trip, ensure your dog goes in advance. In case you are planning an all day trip, it might be necessary to take a quick trip to land.
  9. You need to remember that you always want to reinforce a good behavior to your dog. Every fishing trip will be a training opportunity for your dog.
  10. Keep a Leash. A leash is considered to be incredible valuable even if you don’t use it for the majority of the fishing trip. It is advisable that you always plan your trip according to potential potty timeframes.

However, a deep sea fishing trip will never be a good idea if you lack somewhere for your dog to relieve himself. If it is possible, you can always consider training your dog ahead of time to use puppy pads.


  1. Be Polite. Unless you are lucky or have a private lake, there will be other people who will always fish where you are. They will be out there to fish and not dealing with the commotion and noise caused by an ill-mannered dog. A fishing trip is not the best time for you to throw toys into the water for your dog to fetch. Most people wouldn’t mind your dog being there provided they do not interfere with their fishing.

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Benefits of Fishing with a dog

  1. Dogs are always known to make great net holders.
  2. Splashing around in the water will always make them happy and you will always be happy when you see them happy.
  3. Dogs will be more excited about the striper than you are
  4. Dogs will always be your biggest fan and they will always be right there with you congratulating you whenever you land a big catch.
  5. They can help provide an extra pair of eyes on the water
  6. They will always provider you with pointers to help you with casting

Disadvantages of using Dogs in Fishing

  1. Training your dog to fish is a tough procedure and there are times when the dog might not help you fish as expected.
  2. Salmon Poisoning disease can kill your dog when your dog comes into contact with Nano phyetusSalmincola parasite.
  3. You might require a lot of time to help teach your dog to fish. There are mistakes a dog can make during fishing which can never be corrected and can turn out to be very costly in your fishing adventure.

You do not have to leave your dog behind when you are heading to your favorite fishing spots. All you have to do is to always prepare ahead of time and remember to always connect your boat dog ladder and take your companion with you whenever you are going for your awesome fishing adventures.




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