Top 12 Best Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Compared to other fishing types, surf fishing is more on the advanced level. When regular fishing becomes boring, you know it’s time to bring out your surf fishing set.

Surf Fishing Rod And Reel

If you are new to this, you might be biting your nails to figure out the proper equipment. 

Why bother so much with buying everything individually? Just invest in a good reel and rod combo to ease the headache!

We know shopping for proper fishing gears can be exhausting and tiring.

To make it easier for you, our team has spent hundreds of hours researching and gathering different online reviews to narrow down the best surf fishing rod combos.

We have found top 12 surf fishing rod and reel combo that would fit any anglers’ needs. 

12 Best Surf Fishing Rod & Reel Combos — An Overview

High Strength01. Dr.Fish Saltwater Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
Key Features
01. 11.8ft surf fishing rod
02. High density carbon fiber blanks
03. Adopte stainless steel bracket
04. Tangle-free shallow spool
05. Long casting-spinning reel
06. Stainless steel drag system
07. Made in Japan
Ratings: 4.6Check Price
Fast Action02. PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Fishing Combo
Key Features:

01. Level wind trolling reel
02. Lightweight graphite frame
03. HT 100 carbon fiber drag system
04. 2 stainless steel ball bearings
05. Instant anti-reverse
06. Marine grade bronze alloy main gear
Ratings: 4.6Check Price
Best Lightweight03. KastKing Centron Fishing Combo
Key Features:

01. IM6 graphite blanks
02. Stainless steel guides w/O-Rings
03. Stronger CNC machined aluminum spool
04. Saf-T hook holder
05. Centron spinning reel
06. 9+1 ball bearings
07. Contoured EVA handles
Ratings: 4.5Check Price
Hyper Durability04. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Reel and Rod Combo
Key Features:

01. Durable EVA grips
02. Graphite spinning reel with oversized handle knob
03. Durable aluminum spool
04. Combination of graphite and fiberglass
05. Instant anti-reverse bearing
Ratings: 4.5Check Price
Best for Gamefish05. PENN Battle Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo
Key Features:

01. Full metal body
02. Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire
03. HT-100 carbon fiber drag system
04. 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearings
05. Instant anti-reverse
06. Superline braid-ready spool
Ratings: 4.4Check Price
Premium Features06. Tailored Tackle Universal Multispecies Rod and
Reel Combo

Key Features:
01. Universal fishing pole
02. Freshwater and saltwater fishing
03. Medium rd power with fast action
04. Right/left hand interchangeability 
Ratings: 4.4Check Price
Most Versatile07. Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Set
Key Features:

01. 25T carbon fiber with stainless steel fishing rod
02. EVA handle
03. Aluminum spool with double color
04. Interchangeable handle
05. Multiple accessories
06. EVA carrier bag
07. Telescopic rod  pole
Ratings: 4.4Check Price
Best Value08. Penn Fierce Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo
Key Features:

01. Full metal body and side plate
02. Techno-balanced rotor
03. 4 shielded stainless steel ball bearings
04. Instant anti-reverse bearing
05. Ht-100 carbon fiber drag washers
06. Ergonomic winn grips
Ratings: 4.3Check Price
Best for Beginners09. Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo
Key Features:

01. Gyro Spin Balanced Rotor
02. Abs Aluminum Spool
03. Twist Buster 2 Line Roller
04. Smooth Ball Bearing Drive
05. Fiberglass 2-Piece Rod 
06. Eva Foam Grips
Ratings: 4.3Check Price
Most Portable10. Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combos
Key Features:

01. High density carbon fiber and fiberglass pole
02. Telescopic fishing rod
03. High quality guide ring
04. CNC aluminum spool
05. Free spare graphite spool
06. Premium quality inner parts
Ratings: 4.1Check Price
Highest Warranty11. Quantum Reliance Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo
Key Features:

01. Fast action 7-foot, 1-piece rod with medium power
02. Instant anti-reverse
03. Interchangeable handle
04. Ceramic carbon drag system
05. 6 anti-corrosion 5+1 PT bearings
06. 3 years of PT protection plan
Ratings: 4.1Check Price
Most Comfortable12. Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo
Key Features:

01. 1BB ball bearings
02. Corrosion resistant graphite spool
03. Multi-disc oiled-felt drag system
04. Glass fiber rod blank body
05. Ceramic guide inserts
06. EVA foam fore and rear grips
Ratings: 4.3Check Price

Top 12 Best Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Reviews

01. High Strength: Dr.Fish Saltwater Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo 

This surf fishing rod combo is a proper set in itself. If you are unsure about how to start surf fishing, having this set will solve most of the problem.

In this set you get a surf fishing rod, a spinning reel, 50LB braided fishing line, a 8” saltwater GT popper, 2 pieces of 2oz bucktail jigs, and 30pcs of 10/0 octopus hooks. 

The fishing rod is 11.8ft tall and made from high density carbon fiber blanks. This ensures that you will get maximum power during casting and retrieving. 

Oftentimes, larger reels tend to feel bulky and rigid. They lack sensitivity to feel fish bites and can be inefficient. 

This combo however, is built to detect even subtle bites. So it doesn’t compromise anything to provide extra strength.

Dr.FIsh surf fishing rod and reel combo comes with a stainless steel bracket and ceramic ring. The ring is imported straight from Korea. 

This makes the reel tangle-free and easy to cast. The design reduces casting failure. So for beginner anglers, this is a very good choice.

The drag system of Dr.Fish reel is made in Japan. So immediately you know you are getting a high quality product. It comes with a stainless steel oiled felt drag system that’s ideal for surfcasting. 

The PPA6 graphite body is made in Germany to give you the necessary strength for deep water fishing. This set brings all the best parts from all over the world into one fishing kit. 

All of this under such a reasonable price. What can be better than that? 


  • Far casting ability
  • Very affordable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Strong aluminum spool
  • Anti-corrosion graphite body
  • Highly efficient performance


  • Not very flexible

Why We Recommend This:

The rod is made from high density materials. So it can withstand much more pressure than average fishing rods. 

You can use this set for offshore fishing, inshore fishing. Jigging, surf fishing and so much more. 

02. Fast Action: PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Fishing Combo

If you are angling somewhere with too much wind, having a PENN Squall Level wind reel and rod combo will transform the way you fish.

Built to survive harsh saltwater and ocean weather, this fishing set is super durable and solidly built. It comes with a lightweight graphite frame and bronze main gear. 

The pinion gear is made out of stainless steel. So basically, each part has some type of high-quality metal. 

The HT 100 carbon fiber drag of Penn Squall fishing combo is great for larger fish as it has zero friction and provides smooth drag every single time. 

The ultra-sensitive rod of Penn Squall Level is great at detecting fish bite so you don’t miss a single catch. All the gears used in this combo are marine grade. This means its anti-corrosion thus rust-proof. 

As it can handle both mono and braid lines, you can use this reel for any type of weather without worry. From rough rocky shore to choppy windy bay, this set is great at retrieving seamlessly. 

The line guide of this fishing set makes sure that it’s always straight and evenly distributed across the spool. This means you get zero-tangles and build-ups.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Can use both mono and braid
  • Very sturdy and solid
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fast action with heavy power
  • Great combination of rod and reel


  • The handle design is not very comfortable

Why We Recommend This:

This is the best fast action with a heavy power combination of rod and reel. This set is very good for saltwater fishing as well as kayak fishing. You can do a lot with this set. It is versatile, easy and fun to look at.

03. Best Lightweight: KastKing Centron Fishing Combo

KastKing Centron fishing combo comes with a super lightweight construction and high-sensitive rod design. Kastking uses IM6 graphite blank to create such an exceptional product. 

Due to the higher-sensitivity, this reel can detect even the lightest fish bites or movements. So you never miss a single catch. The stainless steel guides and O-ring adds balance to the whole set. 

You can use both mono and braid lines. This means whether it’s choppy weather or a rocky shore, this KastKing fishing combo can handle anything. It’s corrosion resistant and made to be durable for a lot of harsh usage. 

The contoured EVA handle is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your palm. Even if you fish all day long with this reel and rod set, you wont get cramps. 

This set comes with their famous Centron spinning reel, a classic for bass fishing and surf fishing. The reel is powerful and comes in many different sizes. You can pick your desired reel and rod size for this set. 

The 5.2:1 And 4.5:1 gear ratio along with the 9+1 maxi-dur ball bearings provide an ultra-smooth performance with zero line twist. The triple disc felt drag system just adds cherry on top. This is truly a one-of-a-kind fishing combo. 

You can fish medium to larger species like catfish, salmon and steelhead with this fishing rod. It comes in both spit handle and full handle design. You can choose whichever you think is best. 


  • Smooth performance
  • Sturdy and strong rod
  • Good casting ability
  • High value of money
  • Well-built construction
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • The reel does not properly lock down into the seat

Why We Recommend This:

This is the best lightweight fishing reel and rod combo for easy and further casting. If you like simple but effective functionalities, this is a really good choice. 

04. Hyper Durability: Shakespeare Ugly Stik Reel & Rod Combo

Shakespeare Ugly Stik reel and rod combo is a saltwater fishing set specifically designed to fit both beginner and professional anglers.

The medium-heavy power 7 foot rod along with the 50 graphite spinning reel makes a powerful duo to catch larger fish. 

The rod is very lightweight with only 2.5lbs. This makes it very flexible and capable of far-casting. It has stainless steel guides, ceramic instead and a standard reel seat. 

The handle of this fishing rod is made with EVA foam which provides a very comfortable grip. If your hand is wet or slippery, this rod won’t fall as the grip is quite sturdy. 

The graphite spinning reel comes with a pre-spooled line and a single ball bearing system. This combo is very popular in the fishing community for its tough construction and dependable features. 

If you are planning to go for deepwater fishing , having one of these is a must have. The durable aluminum spool is super-strong and can handle any pressure. It is also tangle-free.

Ugly Stik provides a 7 year warranty on their Bigwater series! This just shows how reliable and solid this set truly is.


  • Extra strength 
  • Solid and flexible rod
  • Durable reel seat 
  • Added sensitivity and responsiveness
  • Lightweight design
  • Smooth drag system
  • Great value for money


  • The reel is not very sturdy

Why We Recommend This:

This is one of those combos that is built for both professional and mature fisherman. You get some pretty appealing features with a really generous budget. 

For the price, it’s hard to find something so well-made. You also get a 7-year long warranty!

05. Best for Gamefish: PENN Battle Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Penn Battle Spinning reel and rod combo is an industry classic. Anyone who is new to fishing and seeks for a great quality fishing set, always tends to grab this one.

And we are not sureprese! After all, this reel and rod combo is built to be one of the smoothest and finest in the market. For what it’s worth, it’s hard to find such quality craftsmanship nowadays.

Penn is famous for their overall brand value and assurance of premium materials. The Battle series is mainly created for big saltwater gamefish. 

So if you are someone who enjoys fishing in the risky deep water, this reel will provide you the strength necessary for that.

The full body, sideplate and rotor is made out of heavy-duty metal. This is why it’s so perfect for game fishes. The bail wire is made out of aluminum for exceptional durability as well.

The drag system is carbon fiber which is one of the most powerful styles available. You also get really fine smoothness due to the 5+1 stainless steel bearing system.

On top of this, you get flud cranking with instant anti-reverse. So when you catch a really large fish, retrieving is insanely easy. 


  • Durable construction
  • Fully sealed set
  • High-sensitivity
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Smooth and powerful drag 
  • Great value for money


  • Does not cast at a far distance

Why We Recommend This:

This is a great fishing reel and rod combo to tackle larger game fishes. It is also fully sealed to protect from saltwater and corrosion. You can use this for a very long time with a high-catch rate. 

06. Premium Features: Tailored Tackle Universal Multispecies Rod and Reel Combo

This versatile fishing pole is a multispecies combo design that can basically be used for all types of fishing. Whether you are a newcomer or a skilled angler, a father or a kid, this set is great! 

Made to be highly giftable, any angler in your life would be pleasantly ecstatic to get this premium kit. You can use this for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. 

The design is suitable for both small and larger fishes. From spring bass to red drum, from lakes to shore, the powerful fast action rod is solidly built to handle anything.

The reason why people are so interested in this set is for the high-end features. You get really premium features within a very reasonable budget. For the fisherman who loves to explore new technologies, this set is a very economic option. 

You get left/right interchangeable handle design for maximum reach. It has 7 ball bearings to give smooth fishing experience. It’s hard to find a rod that combines style with budget so well. 


  • Higher sensitivity
  • Agile and smooth drag system
  • Fast action tip
  • Comfortable handle design
  • Very versatile functions
  • Premium durability
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Does not come with a line

Why We Recommend This:

The main thing that attacks so many of us to this set is the premium features. The type of functions you will find in this combo is usually available only in the higher-end options. This model gives you luxury fishing experience within a budget.

07. Most Versatile: Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Set

Magreel Telescopic fishing rod and reel combo is a premium choice within a very reasonable price range. Made from 25T carbon fiber with stainless steel, it is built for an adventurous fisherman. 

This combo set is great to combat larger gamefish with it’s powerful construction. Made with a stainless steel line guide and ceramic ring, this reel has a 5.5:1 gear ratio. 

Oftentimes, the reel and the rod is quite nice but still the line rips or breaks in the middle of retrieve. This can be so frustrating and soul-crushing. This set provides an aluminum spool with double color to avoid any accidents like that.

The handle is full metal with interchangeable features for both left and right handed people. You also get multiple accessories for added fun!

One downside of having a strong rod and reel combo is, they can get quite heavy at times. This Magreel Telescopic set however, is very lightweight and easy to travel anywhere. So you can carry it all day without getting any sore arms. 

You get an ergonomically made handle with comfortable grip. As it’s a telescopic grip, you can easily fold it away and carry it in your car trunk or backpack. The overall design is very simple, ideal for both beginner and professional fisherman. 


  • Weight: 2.5lb
  • EVA Carried Bag Size: 16.5*7.9*2.8 inch
  • Tackle Box Size: 4.8*3*1 inch
  • Gear ratio: 5.5:1
  • Weight: 9.77oz
  • SpoolWeight: 0.90oz
  • Line Capacity: (mm/m) 0.18/2850.20/230m0.25/150


  • Premium quality rod
  • Comfortable handle design
  • Extra-smooth performance
  • Lightweight 
  • Highly affordable 
  • Very giftable 
  • Solid construction


  • The line is not very high quality

Why We Recommend This:

If you are someone who wants to try out many different fishing types but don’t want to buy too many gears, this set is perfect. The compact design makes it easily portable. 

The premium quality rod makes it sturdy and flexible enough for a handful of fishing methods. You can use this for surf fishing, lake fishing, kayak fishing and so much more. 

08. Best Value: Penn Fierce Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

PENN is a leading brand in the fishing community due to their high-quality product design and durable construction. The hype around this brand is truly deserving.

The Penn Fierce spinning reel and rod combo is one of their all time classic choices for beginner anglers. It’s comfortable, functional, easy to use and very affordable. 

The full-metal construction of die-cast aluminum makes this reel very durable. You can sue it in harsh weather without having to worry too much about it. The downside to this however is the weight. It is comparatively heavier than normal surf rods. 

The whole reel and rod combo is covered in a corrosion-resistant spray paint layer. This not only makes the set look eye-catching but also provides excellent protection. You can use it in saltwater without the worry of rust.

The techno-balanced rotor of Penn Fierce is a very unique feature specific to this brand. This 4+1 bearing system provides a very smooth performance and retrieval. This feature is trademarked as well!

The drag system of this fishing combo is oiled felt. It usually ranges between 10 and 25 lbs. This along with the anti-reverse bearing makes it  a very reliable choice when you have got a larger catch on the hook. 

Penn Fierce rod and reel combo comes with heavy-duty aluminum bail wire and superline spool line. Overall, this is a very high-quality yet affordable option for long term usage. You do need to spend some effort in maintenance but in the end, it’s worth it. 


  • Solid construction
  • Versatile functionality 
  • Higher line capacity
  • Great balance
  • Value for money
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle


  • The rod is a bit heavier
  • Not fully sealed

Why We Recommend This:

This fishing reel and rod combo is very popular both individually and as a set. This set does exactly what it claims to do. 

The design is carefully crafted and built from decades of experience. You get a very functional and efficient combo with a very reasonable budget. 

09. Best for Beginners: Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo

If you are planning to fish some larger species like stripers, redfish, baby tarpon, or snook, having a heavy spinning combo like Daiwa D-Wake is a really good choice.

Most saltwater heavy-pressure fishing reels and rods are super expensive. They cost a lot and there is no assurance that you will enjoy using them. 

If by any chance you end up with a set you absolutely hate, the whole investment goes straight in the drain.

So having an option like Daiwa D-Wave Spinning Combo that has a relatively reasonable budget is great! 

This combo uses a gyro spin balanced motor with Advanced Ballistic System aluminum spool. The graphite body and overall construction makes it highly sensitive and balanced. 

The aluminum oxide guides and stainless steel hooded reel seats are a really smart way to make this combo corrosion-resistant and saltwater-safe. This means you can use them however your heart desired without the worry of constant maintenance. 

The reel comes with a Twist Buster line roller that provides excellent smoothness during fishing. You will notice the difference every time there is a larger fish on the hook.


  • Great for beginner anglers
  • Easy to use
  • Water resistant
  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • Good value for money
  • Well balanced rod


  • The reel handle is not well-made

Why We Recommend This:

For an entry level surf angler, this is a great heavy-pressure option. Most beginner rods are built for light fishing activities. This one, although very simple, can be used for larger species. So perfect for stripes, snook, baby tarpon or redfish. 

10. Most Portable: Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Sougayilang Spinning fishing rod and reel combo is a great kit to have if you love to fish on an occasional basis.  

Made from high density carbon fiber and fiberglass, the pole is very solid and durable. The fiberglass makes it highly resistant to corrosion yet very lightweight at the same time. 

The lightweight feature is really great for casting. It also comes with a hard and lightweight guide ring made from SIC ceramic. So the heat dissipation is much better than any conventional options.

The adhesive used for this rod is international advanced epoxy resin. This makes the ring more solid. 

The reel of Sougayilang spinning combo comes with a 13+1 smooth ball bearings with corrosion resistance materials. The 5.5:1 gear ratio provides a really effortless performance. This is really great for retrieving medium to larger fish.

The handle of the reel is interchangeable. This means whether you’re a left-handed person or a right-handed one, this can be used both ways. The handle is made out of CNC machined aluminum which  is super strong and resistant. 

You also get premium aluminum spools with honeycomb design to provide extra strength to it. The knobs are EVA with a non-slip design that won’t fall out of your hands even if it’s wet. 

The whole construction of this rod and reel combo is made to be simple, easy and super lightweight. You can carry it anywhere you want and use it the whole day without any muscle cramps. 

To add cherry on top, Sougayilang spinning rod and reel combo comes with a worry-free 1-year warranty. So you get extra assurance for a reliable product.

You Get:

  • 1 x 110yds Fishing Line
  • 7 x fishing lures
  • 14 x Fishing Accessories
  • 1 x Plastic Box


  • Easy to pack and carry
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality materials 
  • Extra line capacity
  • Solid construction
  • Very affordable


  • The handle could be a bit longer for better casting

Why We Recommend This: 

This telescopic fishing reel is great for travelling. You can collapse it down to fit into your backpack. Thie lightweight design along with high-pressure sensitive rod makes it an excellent choice for surf fishing.

11. Highest Warranty: Quantum Reliance Reel and Rod Combo

Quantum Reliance spinning reel and fishing rod combo is built for those who love to fish on a regular basis and are looking for a tough companion. It comes with a 5-year long solid warranty to make sure you get your money’s worth!

Even separately this reel and rod is excellent and filled with many unique features. But when you combine two great products together, you get something unbeatable.

The rod is made out of durable heavy-duty graphite. It is very crucial to have a strong rod as it’s the backbone for all of your other fishing gear. Quantum Reliance rod comes in 1-piece which adds to its strength. 

The reel seat has solid-footing of stainless steel cushioned hood. This protects the reel from any sorts of damages. The reel has a beautiful, rustic cork handle. One of the features of this reel is its changeable left/right hand retrieve. 

The performance of any fishing reel depends on the bearings. This one comes with 6 anti-corrosion bearings that can handle both freshwater and saltwater fishing. You won’t have to worry about rusting with this set.

The anti-reverse bearing + 5 bearings proves a smooth performance even if you’re new to fishing. The ceramic carbon drag system is key to having a friction-free drag. This means your spools won’t get tangled or torn under pressure. 

The aluminum body of the reel is made to be resistant to not only saltwater, but also to other forein substances. This is why Quantum is so confident in providing a 5-year long warranty. They know their product will last much longer than that!


  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
  • IPT (inches per turn): 33
  • Max Drag (lbs): 20
  • Reel Weight (oz): 9.7
  • Mono Capacity (yds/lb): 150/10
  • Braid Capacity (yds/lb): 205/20
  • Power: Medium
  • Line Weight (lbs): 10-17
  • Lure Weight (oz): 1/4-3/8
  • Heavy-duty Guides: 7 + Tip


  • Durable rod construction 
  • Affordable
  • Fast action
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Comfortable cork handle
  • PT protection plan


  • The reel do not come pre-spooled

Why We Recommend This:

If you are looking for a tough fishing rod and reels et that can survive the wild and harsh weather, Quantum Reliance is the one. It comes with a 5 -year warranty to provide you maximum protection. 

12. Most Comfortable: Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo

Okuma Tundra Surf spinning combo is a really good choice that combines comfort with efficiency. The Taiwanese brand adds a distinctive feature to this kit that sets it apart from the other ones.

It has a multi-disc oiled-felt drag system. The difference between this and other ones is, It provides more control when trolling and line reeling. 

The single 1BB steel bearing drive of Tundra Surf Spinning Combo is great for day-to-day fishing activities. You can carry it anywhere and have a great time fishing different species. 

The 10ft long reel is great for casting at a far distance. It can handle upto 25 pounds of weight. So if you like to go for game fishes, this is built for that. 

The key thing that makes it such an appealing choice for most anglers is the rod. Made from glass fiber, this fishing rod is one of the most durable ones. You can use this to catch medium to larger fishes in an effortless manner. 

WIth its ergonomic handle, EVA foam from and rear grips and five double footed guides, this combo is one of the most comfortable ones. You can use this for many different fishing techniques without feeling limited in any way. 

The thing that makes Tundra a classic in the fishing industry is the price. It’s so affordable but can be used for years without worry. You will be pleasantly surprised by how well-built it is. 

Of course, as it’s not saltwater safe, you need to wash it off after each use. But with proper maintenance, this will be your go to set for any many trips.


  • Sturdy and solid rod construction
  • Comfortable handle design
  • Strong and durable
  • Ideal for larger fishes 


  • The rod is on the heavier side

Why We Recommend This:

The rod quality on this fishing combo is one of the best. For the price, it’s hard to find something so well-made nowadays. The reel quality could be a bit better but overall, this is a very good inexpensive set to own. 

Buying Guide

Best Surf Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

In this part of the review, we will share some of the things necessary to find the best surf fishing rod and reel combo. Before you decide on anything, make sure to check for some key features.

Rod Length:

Most beginner anglers think all fishing rods have the same length to them. The length actually metermies how flexible and far-casting your rod is going to be. 

If you are fishing in a lake, further casting is not a necessity but for surf fishing, it’s a deal breaker. If the rod can not cast very far distance, you won’t be able to have a fun and successful fishing experience.

You need a rod with at least 9 to 10 feet length. It’s also important to make sure the rod is well balanced for a straight fishing line. 

Dr.Fish Surf Fishing Combo, for example, comes with a 11” fishing rod for added flexibility.


The power of the rod is often associated with flexibility and strength. For surf fishing, you need a fishing rod that is flexible and can handle high-pressure. 

If your rod is rigid and low in energy, it will simply break in the middle. For larger species, especially gamefish, you need a stronger option. 

Oftentime, powerful rods are not very sensitive. This can be a downside as you won’t be able to feel fishbites. So make sure the rod has high sensitivity as well. We like Daiwa D-Wave Spinning Combo for its high strength. 


When we stay strong, we automatically assume heavy. But for a rod to be good and effective in action, it needs to be lightweight. 

Think about it, you will carry that rod everywhere on your trips. You will hold it for hours to get a decent catch. If the rod is heavy, your arm will be numb and swollen by the end of the day. 

KastKing Centron is a great lightweight rod and reel combo.

So look for options that aren’t very heavy. This rule also applies for the reel. You need something that’s portable. So that travelling is not hectic and tiresome. 


Probably one of the key things to check. If the set is great, has functional design, affordable and easy but is built of cheap materials, you would be lucky if it lasts one trip. 

Look for materials like fiberglass, graphite or carbon. These are all very sturdy and premium while being super lightweight. 

For the reel, it’s better to go for something like Stainless steel or aluminum to make it corrosion resistant. For more affordable options ABS is a great material to have. 

Shakespeare Ugly Stik uses higher quality material for both rod and reel.

Reel Seat:

If you want to use your fishing set for a long period of time, it is very important to check the quality of the reel seat. If the reel seat is made very cheaply, it will loosen up overtime.

The reel seat is basically the part of the rod that connects or attaches the reel with itself. This is the place where the reel is mounted.

A good reel deserves a great reel seat to feel stable. If the seat is loose, casting and retrieving will never work properly. So look for something that will keep the reel securely closed. 

Drag System:

WIthout a proper drag system, the line will never be smooth and effortless. So it is crucial to make sure your reel has non-constrictive drag without any tension. The line should be straight and steady. 

There are quite a number of different drag systems in the market. Front drag or multiple drag systems is the most popular one. This type is ideal for larger fish and heavy-pressure fishing. So for surf fishing, look for something like this.

Gear Ratio:

It’s not enough to have a high line capacity, you need proper gear ratio to be able to reel in faster and quicker. 

Gear ratio basically means the amount of times the spool turns each time you turn the handle. 

Having a high gear ratio is overall the best choice. 

Higher ratio lets you retrieve faster if necessary. Most people think you need a lower gear ratio for slow retrieval. But that’s not necessarily the case. 

Higher ratio can help with super slow and steady retrieval. It basically gives the window to be faster or slower. Something like Quantum Reliance Reel and Rod Combo is a good option to pick.


You are going to hold this part the whole trip. So it’s very important that the handle is comfortable. An ergonomic handle is great for your overall posture and health. 

It is also important to have a well gripped material. Otherwise the risk of the rod slipping and causing an accident is too high. 

Cork handles have become a favorite among anglers for its non-slippery texture. Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo is known for its comfortable handle design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01. How Far Should I Cast When Surf Fishing? 

The general rule of thumb is to cast as further away as possible. But if you need a precise number, then it should be in between 60 to 100 yards. 

Even though it’s necessarily not true, casting farther away from the shore is better. That’s because the water closer to the surf is unsteady and restless. So fishes tend to stay away from this part. 

You can spend hours casting very far without any luck for finding a fish. This happens when you are looking for fish at the wrong palace. So having a fish finder is very useful. This way you can identify the location and then cast accordingly.

02. What Type of Reel is Best for Surf Fishing?

For sure spinning reel is the best option for surf fishing. Spincast reel does not have enough line capacity to provide a far casting experience.

Spinning reel is stronger, smoother and faster. It usually has a ball bearing and high gear ratio that makes it so quick in action. 

You get a higher line capacity with stronger spools with higher drag weight. So when you catch a large fish, retrieval is fairly easy to do. Make sure the reel is saltwater safe. Otherwise it will rust and break.

03. Are Telescopic Fishing Rods Any Good? 

The key problem with most of us is the lack of chances to go fishing. Even if we get an unexpected chance, we do not have our gears around. For those situations, having a telescopic fishing rod is like holy grail.

A good telescopic rod can be folded to fit into your backpack or inside the car trunk. This means, you can have your fishing equipment ready without much preparation. 

Telescopic rods are great for camping, travelling and long trips. They are lightweight, portable and easy to use. 

04. Is Mono or Braid Better for Surf Fishing?

Both mono and braid are excellent for different needs and situations. Mono is better for surf fishing as it is abrasion-resistant and can handle heavy pressure. 

If you are fishing in an environment with sharp rocks and pebbles, using a mono fishing line is better.

If you are planning to fish in unsteady weather with too much wind, having a braid line is smarter. Braid is good at handling difficult surf conditions as it’s resistant to air pressure. 

Due to the weight, it can handle the wind and still maintain a straight line. Braid is also high in sensitivity which helps to detect fish bites. 

05. Does Line Color Matter for Surf Fishing?

Yes it does.FIshes are smart creatures. They can detect a line from far away. 

If the fish sense something unusual, it won’t swallow your bait or even come close to it. So it’s always better to camouflage your fishing line.

Now, there is no universal option for the best colored line for surf fishing. If the water is on the greener side due to vegetation or dirt, look for green color lines. But if the water is crystal clear, you need a clear line to hide it.

Parting Thoughts

Surf fishing is a very eventfully relaxing way of fishing. If you have the proper gears, it can be very rewarding. People enjoy surf fishing because of the chance of catching really large fish. 

Hopefully you found your desired set form our best surf fishing rod and reel combo review. We tried to bring all the best options in one compact article. 

Fishing combo gears are the smart and efficient way to get really good equipment. Each of our picks are best at doing certain things. 

So there really isn’t a single one that’s not good. Each caters toward different anglers. We hope you liked and picked something that would ease your fishing journey.

Which one is it? 

Comment down below to let us know!

Till then, happy fishing!

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