Best Portable Fish Finder Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

When you go fishing, you need to actually be able to find the fish before you can catch them. Unless you have a good fish finder, this can be easier said than done. We are here to look at some top options in terms of the best portable fish finder around.

5 Best Portable Fish Finder Reviews 2021

​01. Garmin Striker 4

This is a moderately priced, easy to use, and convenient fish finder, one that is portable and gets the job done without question.

The Garmin Striker 4 uses traditional CHIRP sonar to help find fish. Unlike other fish finders, this one released both low and high-frequency bursts for more effective fish finding. It can find fish close and far, plus big and small ones too. It helps paint a clear picture of the fish underneath you, as well as seabed contours to a certain degree.

The Garmin Striker 4 can locate fish to depths of 1,600 feet in freshwater and 750 feet in saltwater, which is pretty impressive. It is small yet effective, plus it comes with a portable kit and carrying case for convenience. The 3.5 inch color screen is pretty good. It’s not the best, but pretty good, plus you also get a GPS for navigation. Garmin also makes a couple of larger screen sizes to choose from if the screen size is an issue. The waypoint map is quite convenient.


  • ​Goes to great depths
  • ​Multiple frequency outputs
  • ​Good color screen
  • Very portable


  • ​Not very easy to mount on anything

0​2. Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder

This is a very inexpensive fish finder to consider because it comes with a good mix of value and functionality.

The Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder can display water depth, the approximate location of fish, sand and rocks, as well as short and tall weeds. It is not the most accurate option around, but for the price, you really cannot argue. It can be used for ice, lake, ocean, and all other kinds of water too.

It features a decent black and white screen, one that is easy to read, although it has no color and is not that fancy. The Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder comes with a 25-foot transducer cable which connects to the float, plus it is removable. This model can find fish in water between 3 and 328 feet deep. It also comes with 5 sensitivities to select from.


  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Good float
  • ​Various sensitivities
  • Decent screen
  • Good for fresh and saltwater


  • ​Does not go very deep
  • ​Could be a little more accurate

0​3. Lucky Portable Fish Finder

This is another fairly inexpensive portable fish finder, one with a decent level of accuracy and a nice color screen.

The Lucky Portable Fish Finder is a wired fish finder with a 26-foot long cable connecting the display to the float. The float itself works quite well by emitting CHIRP sonar. This particular fish finder detects to about 330 feet or 100 meters, plus it can be used in saltwater and freshwater. It can be used for ocean, lake, and ice fishing too.

The Lucky Portable Fish Finder has 3 display options to choose from using the 2.4 inch color TFT display. The display is quite easy to read thanks to its size and color. It has a 45 degree sonar cone for a wide viewing angle, plus it displays things like underwater contours, depth, temperature, and fish size. It’s not the most accurate fish finder around, but for the low price, it is surprising that it works as well as it does.


  • ​Good color display
  • ​Wide viewing angle
  • ​Displays various parameters
  • Various uses 


  • ​Cable limits distance
  • ​Doesn’t go that deep

​04. Humminbird Fish Finder

This is quite the expensive portable fish finder, but it has a lot of features and definitely does a high-quality job.

The Humminbird 5 410260-1 Fish Finder comes with a beautiful 5-inch color display. We like it because it is very large, bright, colorful, and high resolution, thus making it very easy to read. What is nice is that it also comes with a great GPS feature so you can always find your way. It even has an SD slot so you can upload more maps to it if you need.

The Humminbird 5 410260-1 Fish Finder uses CHIRP dual-beam sonar for more accurate fish finding. It can map bottom contours very accurately, plus tell you where the fish are, how deep they are, and what size they are. It can reach depths of 1,500 feet, or with the optional additional transducer, it can reach 2,500 feet.


  • ​A very nice color screen
  • ​Can go very deep
  • ​Can be used in all kinds of water
  • Comes with GPS
  • Highly portable


  • ​A bit expensive

​05. Erchang Portable Fish Finder

This is another inexpensive fish finder, one that is portable, does not cost much, but still works well enough.

The Erchang Portable Fish Finder can display water depth, bottom contours, fish size, and more. The screen itself is somewhat small and does not have color, but it does have a backlight so you can use it at night without issue. This is a wired option that has a 25-foot cable connecting the display and the transducer.

The Erchang Portable Fish Finder can reach depths of 330 feet. It has a fish alarm mode, 5 sensitivities, and more. It is small and portable, but not too easy to mount. It’s a decent option to go with based on the price.


  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Reliable
  • ​Works in most conditions
  • Backlit screen


  • ​The screen has no color
  • ​Cannot go that deep
  • Cannot really be mounted


​When it comes down to it, we would recommend the Humminbird 5 410260-1 Fish Finder, but it is quite expensive. If you want something more affordable that still works well, any of the other 4 options are good to keep in mind as well.

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