Best Fishing Kayak under $1000 Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

Fishing from the comfort of a riverbank or bridge can be a wonderful experience, but how about fishing from the middle of a lake or river? It can be expensive to hire or buy a boat with which to go fishing, but there is another option. Fishing from a kayak can be a wonderful experience which will not take a toll on your bank balance.

Sitting in a kayak in the middle of a large mountain lake gets you closer to nature than you ever thought possible. As the small ripples in the water gently rock you, and the fish swim below, waiting to be caught, you will be transferred to a place you have never been before.

When you are looking for a good kayak, there are some things to focus on. One such thing is the price. We are big believers that you get what you pay for. If you want a kayak which is going to last, then you need to pay for it. You should not pay through the nose, but you should expect to set aside a chunk of money.

We have compared the market for you so that you do not have to. Here are our five of our best fishing kayaks under $1,000.

Best Fishing Kayaks Under $1000 Reviews

​01. Perception Kayak Pescador Pro

We love the look of this kayak. The aqua camouflage design not only looks great in and out of the water but it hides you from the fish. When looking from below the surface, the color of the kayak blends in with the surface of the water. This ensures that fish stick around once you have found your spot in your lake or river.

This is a sit-on kayak. This means that you sit on top of the kayak instead of inside of it. Being higher in the water gives you more comfort and more stability. Most sit-on kayaks give you stability, but this one performs in that category better than others on the market. If you are starting out with your fishing kayak adventure, this kayak will not rock the boat (so to speak). The design means that you are stable in the water and also fast. You can move in a straight line with speed and also track from left to right with ease.

Comfort should always be a top priority when you are fishing from a kayak, and that is often down to your seat. The camp seat in this kayak is not only comfortable, but it is completely adjustable. It can be stored easily or moved to give you a comfortable seating position. You have secure storage for the seat and anything else you want to carry. There is enough room for all of your fishing equipment, and that storage is within easy reach.

A great kayak for anyone starting out. The kayak is easy to use and comfortable to sit in.


  • ​Camouflaged
  • ​Stable
  • ​Lightweight
  • Adjustable seat


  • ​No negatives to point out

​02. Elton Outdoors Tandem Kayak

If you do not want to fish alone, then we have the perfect kayak for you. This tandem kayak allows you to take a buddy fishing with you. You can fish as a couple, take a child, or even take your dog out into the open water. When you have a kayak built for two people, it has to be built to last. This kayak has been constructed with high-quality materials, making it a kayak which is worth the investment. The solid construction ensures that the kayak will not crack or puncture as you use it extensively.

The kayak is big and bulkier than solo kayaks, but the manufacturers have kept it lightweight and easy to carry. The two handles allow you to transport this from your vehicle and back with ease, and the kayak is still small enough to fit in a truck or trailer. You can store this kayak with ease, and you can store your gear in it with ease. There is an air-tight compartment for your electronics or anything else which may be damaged by the water. You have additional storage areas and a designated ice chest platform.

We love that this kayak comes with everything you need to get into the water immediately. When you order this kayak, you will also get two paddles, two seats, rod holders, and bungee storage. A great kayak for two fishers.


  • ​Tandem kayak
  • ​Lots of storage
  • ​Lightweight
  • Comes with accessories


  • ​Hard to carry solo

​03. BKC Tandem Kayak

This kayak comes in a variety of colors, so you should find one which matches your needs. That is helpful as you have enough space for three people in this kayak. Being able to sit three people (up to 440 pounds) makes this a great kayak for families. You may not be able to hold three large adults, but two adults and a child or one adult and two children are perfect.

You also get six rod holders, so there is enough space to rest rods for everyone or to rest multiple rods. Two of those rod holders are adjustable, giving you a lot of fishing options. You also have options when it comes to storage. You need enough gear for three people, and this kayak delivers that. There are two watertight storage areas along with multiple storage and bungee storage areas.

The paddle rests allow you to secure your paddles when you need to lift your rod and reel in, and the carrying handles ensure that your team of kayakers can move the kayak. Great for larger groups.


  • ​3-person kayak
  • ​Rod holders
  • ​Lots of storage
  • Paddle rests


  • ​Not a lot of back support

​04. Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost Kayak

This kayak is perfect for the solo adventurer. The shades of grey camouflage look are amazing to look at and will blend in above the surface, helping to not scare the fish away from under you. Being a solo kayak, it is also lighter than many on the market. You get 11 ft. of kayak at only 62 pounds. This is a kayak which you can maneuver easily both on land and in the water. You can get a lot of speed and movement without sacrificing stability.

You have space in this kayak to mount two rods, giving you options when you are fishing. You all have four integrated gear tracks for a customized rig. For such a small kayak, you also have a lot of storage options. There are waterproof options along with closed storage and bungee storage. You also have a lot of comfort. The seat has multiple available positions and is comfortable to start with.

If you are looking to go out fishing by yourself, then this is the perfect kayak.


  • ​Fast
  • ​Rod holders
  • ​Ample storage
  • Lightweight


  • ​Foot controls can get in the way

0​5. BKC Single Fishing Kayak

We love anything which comes with accessories. This one-person kayak comes with an included seat and paddle. It is also one of the most affordable kayaks on our list and comes in well under $1,000. Affordable and comes with accessories? Yes, please. Add to that five rod holders, and you have a kayak which can do a lot without hitting your bank balance too hard. You can keep five fishing rods going at one time if you wish to (and are able to).

You have some included waterproof storage should you need to store electronics or anything else which could become damaged by the water. You also have additional storage for all of your other gear. The paddle parks mean that you can have somewhere to place your paddles while you deal with up to five rods. This ensures that you never lose your paddle to the water.

This is a great kayak for anyone on a solo fishing trip, but especially for someone who wants to take a lot of gear and a lot of rods.


  • ​Accessories included
  • ​Affordable
  • ​Rod holders
  • Paddle holders 


  • ​Heavy

Final Verdict

We have looked at solo kayaks and group kayaks. The great thing about solo kayaks is that you can still be a part of a group and still have the option to go off on your own. With that in mind, we have the pleasure of recommending the Pescador Pro as our favorite kayak on this list. It is a solo kayak but one which gives you a lot of comfort and maneuverability.

In our tests, the seat in this kayak was the most comfortable. It is completely adjustable, so there will be comfort for any user. It also tracks well through the water. This kayak is easy to lift out of the water and features all the storage you will need for your trip. A great all-around kayak.

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