Top 14 Best Fish Finders Under $300: Top Reviewed and Rated Ones for the Money!

Fishing is a really fun way to have some alone time away from all the clutter of life. Whether you like to go angling with a group or by yourself, it never feels satisfying if you end up catching little to no fish. 

Fish Finder Under $300

Maybe it’s not you at all. Good fishing gears and equipment are necessary to get the most out of the experience. One of the clever ways to get an upper hand at fishing is to have a great quality fish finder.

Some think it’s a hoax and does not work while some swear by it. Either way, owning a fish finder is a must for any passionate fishing enthusiast. 

In this article, we have gathered the industry-favorite 14 best fish finder under 300 dollars! But before we get to that part, let’s find out why you actually need a fish finder asap!

“What is a Fishfinder and Why Do I Need One?” 

advantages of fish finder

If you are reading this part then it means you are new to fishing. For the more experienced fishermen, skip it altogether and jump to our Overview Section.

All professional anglers have one or multiple fish finders for different purposes. It’s an extremely useful tool that saves a lot of time and makes fishing efficiently effective.

To understand how a fish finder works, you need to know about how sonar works. A fish finder is a device that uses sonar technology (Sound Navigation and Ranging) to locate fish in the water. 

The basic principle of sonar technology is, it uses echo-location to reflect electronic pulses off fish and underwater objects. Then it provides an in-depth graph and also images. 

The sonar transmits an electrical impulse which gets converted into a sound wave by a transducer. When the sound waves hit something underwater, it can be fish, rocks, mud, or anything, it gets reflected back into composition and shape. 

So you end up with a visual representation of the underwater landscape in the display unit of the fish finder. The colored and camera options can pride clear images as well as videos.

The technology of fish finders was invented in the late 1940s by two Japanese brothers. It became a sensation fairly quickly due to their high-functionality during fishing. You can read the full story here, it’s quite fascinating.  

In today’s time, fish finders are an absolute essential with so many modern, smart features. It turned a passionate leisure hobby into a scientific and technical operation. Super cool if you think about it. 

Advantages of a Fishfinder

There are many advantages of having a fishfinder in your fishing gear collection. It’s fascinating to see the underwater world through a small display. 

Some of the key advantages of having a fish finder includes:

  • Provides accurate location of fish using an advanced GPS system. 
  • Ideal to use for a multitude of different fishing methods and environments. 
  • The screen shows images and graphs of all the underwater objects. So you know exactly where to cast. 
  • Provides a temperature gauge that can detect fishes from a far away.
  • You can set up your bait and set an alarm to notify you when new fishes start to arrive. 
  • You can save your desired maps with all the necessary details.
  • You can view your track records from smartphones or tablets. Some of the options are smart tech.
  • Perfect for beginners to professionals as there are different models for different needs. 
  • Ideal for quick, fast, and efficient fishing trips. 

Before we get into the review section, let’s take a look at our overview of the top 14 best fish finder under 300.

14 Best Fish Finders — An Overview

Top Pick01. Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar
Key Features:
01. Highest specs castable sonar
02. Built-in GPS navigation
03. Creates bathymetric maps from the shore
04. Rock solid connectivity using WiFi
05. In-depth and solid data
06. Perfect for boat fishing
Ratings: 9.9Check Price
Editor’s Pick02. Garmin Striker Plus 4 Fishfinder
Key Features
01. Dual-beam transducer
02. Garmin chirp traditional sonar
03. Built-in Garmin quickdraw contours mapping software
04. Built-in GPS
05. Intuitive user interface 
06. Frequencies supported
Ratings: 9.8Check Price
Most Functional03. Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder
Key Features
01. Clear Vu scanning sonar
02. Keypad interface with dedicated buttons
03. Waypoint map
04. Chirp sonar for target separation
05. Built-in flasher
Ratings: 9.7Check Price
Best for Beginners04. Humminbird Piranhamax Fish Finder
Key Features
01. Dual beam sonar
02. 4.3 inches display
03. Down imaging
04. Tilt and swivel mount
05. Easy-to-use interface
Ratings: 9.5Check Price
Top Unique Features05. Garmin Striker 4cv GPS Fishfinder
Key Features:

01. Built-in Garmin CHIRP traditional sonar
02. CHIRP ClearVü scanning sonar
03. Garmin Quickdraw Contours mapping software 
04. Built-in GPS 
05. Readable 4.3” display
Ratings: 4.7Check Price
Best for Shore Fishing06. Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder
Key Features:

01. Wifi connectivity 
02. Easy-to-use Deeper app
03. Automatic night fishing mode
04. 6-hour battery life
05. User-friendly instruction manual and USB
charging cable
Ratings: 9.3Check Price
Best Value07. LUCKY Handheld Fish Finder
Key Features
01. 2” TN/ANTI-UV LCD display
02. Blue LED backlighting
03. 5 modes sensitivity options
04. 25ft cable sonar sensor 
05. Bottom contouring available
Ratings: 9.1Check Price
Best Mountable08. Lowrance Hook2 4X Fish Finder
Key Features:

01. Automated sonar settings
02. SolarMAX display with easy-to-use menus
03. Optimized keypad with one-touch access  
04. Wider sonar coverage
05. Includes bullet transducer
06. Traditional 2-D sonar(fish arch) views
Ratings: 9.1Check Price
Best for Deep Water09. MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera +
Portable Fish Finder
Key Features:
01. Multi-function LCD monitor
02. Superior underwater camera lens
03. 15m long cable wire
04. Infrared LED Lights
05. 1000TVL HD camera
06. Corrosion and water resistant
Ratings: 9.0Check Price
Best Color Display10. HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder
Key Features:

01. FishTrax intelligent sonar technology
02. VirtuView HD color display
03. Tollable, floatable and mountable sonar sensor 
04. FishArc and FishID fish finders indicators
05. Algorithmic software programming
Ratings: 8.9Check Price
Best Camera Quality11. Eyoyo Fishing Camera Video Fish Finder
Key Features:

01. 7” color LCD monitor
02. 1000TVL camera with 12pcs infrared LEDS
03. DVR recording function
04. Special fish shape silver design
05. 8 hours working time
Ratings: 8.8Check Price
Most Compatible12. Vexilar SP200 T-Box Smartphone Fish Finder
Key Features:
01. Comes with a two year warranty
02. Pre-drilled holes for accessories
03. Built-in dual beam technology
04. Compatible with smartphone and tablets
05. Reads 240 feet underwater
Ratings: 8.5Check Price
Best Data Reading13. Joywee Phiradar Color LCD Boat Fish Finder
Key Features: 
01. 3.5” sunlight readable display
02. Bottom contour and water temperature indicator
03. 100 levels of sensitivity settings
04. Multi-level depth range
05. Auto-zoom bottom tracking
06. Quick manual zoom
07. Dual beam sonar frequency
Ratings: 8.4Check Price
Most Versatile14. ReelSonar iBobber Wireless Fish Finder
Key Features:
01. Patented sonar fish identifier technology
02. LED beacon
03. Rechargeable battery and charge status indicator light
04. 2 Snap swivel connections
05. Free app on iOS and Android
Ratings: 8.0Check Price

Top 14 Best Fish Finders under $300

01. Top Pick: Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar

Ask any fisherman and they will tell how incredibly popular and versatile Deeper Pro+ really is!

Deeper Pro+ is in no way a budget-friendly option but certainly not a premium one either. This is a great in-between option for anyone who is looking for an upgrade from the basic fish finders into something more well-designed and high-tech. 

This is the highest spec castable sonar on our list. It can cast further than any other and scans deeper and better. You can sync this device with your smartphone to get live updates. 

The inbuilt GPS of Deeper PRO+ smart sonar creates bathymetric maps from the shore. Not only that, but you can also watch, save, and analyze the maps from anywhere. This is good especially if you are a professional fisherman. 

The reason why people call it a smart sonar is because you can connect it to your phone/tablet or any device with wifi to get seamless data. It uses a hotspot and provides a solid connection for a larger range of areas. 

The transducer of the Deeper PRO+ sends 15 scans per second and provides 1” target separation. Again, every map and scan report gets automatically saved to the app. You can build up a detailed record of all the places you have been to fish. 

You get so many cool features that we can not describe them all right now. The types of data Deeper PRO+ provides are map depth, structure identification, and vegetation and fish. It’s perfect for boat, shore, and ice fishing. 


  • Weight: 3.5oz / 100g 
  • Size: 65mm / 2.5in in Diameter
  • Sonar Type: Dual Beam
  • Frequency (Beam cone): 290 kHz, 15° and 90 kHz, 55°
  • Depth Range Max/Min: Max 260ft / 80 m, Min 2ft / 0.5m
  • Sonar Scan rate: Up to 15 scans per second
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 40°C / -4°F to 104°F
  • Internal Battery: Lithium Polymer, 3.7V Rechargeable, 850mAh 
  • Power Supply input: Micro USB B type, 5V DC, 450mA max
  • Power Adapter Input: AC 110V/240V. Output Micro USB, 5V 450mAh
  • Wireless connection type: Wi-Fi
  • GPS Positioning: L1 48 channel GPS receiver, high 3m@50% accuracy
  • Casting Range: Up to 330ft / 100m. Range depends on the OS and smartphone model
  • Battery Life: Up to 6 hours
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Device compatibility: Android 5.0 or later, iOS 12.0 or later


  • Easy to use  
  • Ideal for all types of fishing
  • Provides accurate reading every time
  • Shows exact location of the fish
  • In-build GPS navigation
  • WiFi enabled for easy connectivity
  • Great value for money
  • Darabe and solid construction
  • Waterproof and scratch resistant


  •  It is not lightweight

Why We Like This:

This is the best fish finder under $300 without a doubt. You get so many amazing and useful features along with a smartphone compatible app. 

You can use this for any types of fishing from kayaking to ice fishing. It’s also very compatible with both skilled and amateur anglers.

02. Editor’s Pick: Garmin Striker Plus 4 Fishfinder

Built to be an updated version of the already successful Striker 4, the Striker Plus 4 is made to be an all-rounder option for more experienced and professional anglers.

The large 4.3” display of Garmin Striker plus is made to be ideal to read under sunlight. The fish finder is made with a heavy-duty military standard material that can handle any form of treatment. So you can roughly use it without much care for maintenance. 

Garmin Quickdraw Contours of Striker Plus 4 lets you create HD fishing maps of all the places you have been to. Imagine how convenient it would be if you like to go fishing on the same spot regularly. 

The CHIRP Sonar technology of Striker Plus 4 fishfinder is great at target separation, visible indications, and identification of fishes even in dark and deep water. You notice the bottom contours more even at a higher speed. 

The GPS of the Striker Plus 4 is built-in and designed to provide you maximum efficiency while fishing. It maintains your position wherever you go. You can mark waypoints and return to it when the fish starts to bite the lure.

This feature allows you to fish at multiple different spots all at the same time. Very convenient and built to make fishing a child’s job. Made to be waterproof, this fish finder is perfect for kayaking as you won’t be able to damage it. 

This small fish finder unit is jammed with all the best features of Garmin. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option with great mapping software, the Striker Plus 4 is what you need.


  • Bright 4.3” display
  • Display resolution 272 X 480 pixels 
  • Product Dimensions 3.9 x 1.8 x 6.9 inches
  • Create and store maps with 1’ contours for up to 2 million acres
  • Transmit power 200 W (RMS)
  • Traditional 50/77/83/200 kHz


  • Large display 
  •  Built-in GPS navigation
  •  QuickDraw contours mapping
  • Ideal for any weather
  • Dual-beam built-in transducer
  • Affordable 


  •  Does not come with an NMEA port

Why We Like This:

This is an all-rounder option with tons of cool features to make fishing more fun and easy. It’s also very affordable. So there is genuinely not much to be confused about. 

03. Most Functional: Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder

If you think affordable fish finders are always very basic and boring, then you might need to take a good look at Garmin Striker 4 fishfinder. 

Garmin uses CHIRP technology and a built-in GPS to give you an accurate reading in any weather. The screen is great and high resolution. 

To make it highly functional in every weather, Garmin gave the Striker 4 fishfinder a screen that can be readable even under direct sunlight. Now that’s really great especially during summertime.

The CHIRP 2D sonar of Striker 4 fishfinder makes it perform an accurate reading in both deep and shallow water. This is a great advantage for such an affordable one. 

Before Garmin Striker 4, people thought cheaper fishfinders simply do not come with any high-quality features. This Model not only proved them wrong but also became an all-time best seller.

One of the key things about his fish finder is the high-resolution imagery. You get a clear picture of the targets with incredible separation of targets. This is very important. Otherwise, all the target blends together and you have a hard time distinguishing between each of them. 

The fish symbol ID adds different fish icons to the target. The 2D sonar itself adds a bunch of useful functions to the overall gadget.

Some of them include Flasher, Auto Gain, Split-Zoom, UltraScroll, and different alarm options. Despite all these functions, the Striker 4 fish finder does not come with any latitude and longitude info available. 

Apart from this, Garmin Striker 4 fishfinder is a great option to get comprehensive target identification within a very affordable budget. 


  • 3.5-inch color fishfinder 
  • Display size: 1.9 x 2.9 inches; 3.5 inches diagonal
  • Includes CHIRP (77/200 kHz) sonar transducer; 
  • Transmit power (200 W RMS) / (1,600 W peak-to-peak)
  • Maximum depth 1,600 feet freshwater, 750 feet saltwater
  • Current draw at 12 volt: 0.23 Ampere


  • Very affordable
  • high -end features
  • Accurate build-in GPS 
  • Powerful sonar technology 
  • Waterproof 


  • No latitude and longitude infos available

Why We Like This:

The Striker 4 is a great combination of quality and price with its durable design and functional features. It’s great for small boat or kayak fishing.

04. Best for Beginners: Humminbird Piranhamax Fish Finder

Primarily made to be a beginner-friendly option, the Humminbird Piranhamax fish finder is a great way to start. 

Hummingbird is popular for its affordable and low-maintenance fish finder that improves your fishing experience without any prior experience whatsoever!

All new anglers get a bit intimidated by fish finders. We surely were at first. Now in retrospect, it would be really nice to have a simple yet effective choice like the Piranhamax.

The reason why Pirhanamax fish finder is so popular among newcomers is because of its no bells and whistles design. You do not get any fancy features that take a course to understand. Everything is self-explanatory and quite straightforward. 

Compared to the previous versions, this one comes with a larger screen of 4.3 inches with 70% more pixels. This means you can easily identify the fishes. 

The PiranhaMAX 4 comes with a great sonar that automatically identifies the depth, sends out waves to find the objects and fish underwater. The reading is continuous which means you know exactly where the fishes are.

This dual-beam sonar provides down imaging and a clear view of the world under the water. You not only can see the shape but also can identify the structure and contour of different species. 

One of the best things about this fish finder is the portability. The PiranhaMAX comes with a carry case, 12V rechargeable battery, and a portable transducer. This is perfect for fishing in a small body of water like ponds and lakes. 

With its affordable price and minimalistic features, no wonder why people enjoy it so much.


  • 4.3″ LCD 256 Color Display
  • Display Picture Matrix: 272H x 480V
  • Sonar-Coverage: 28° & 16° at -10dB
  • Sonar Frequencies Supported: 200/455kHz
  • Depth-Sonar: 320 ft (20) 455 kHz, 600 ft (20) 200 kHz


  • Easy to use
  • Provides sharp, clear images
  • Comes with LED backlight
  • Very affordable
  • Portable 
  • Great entry-level option


  • Has limited features 

Why We Like This: 

This is ideal for those who want a simple and easy to use fishfinder with minimal style features. If you are a beginner, having one of these can be a great start. 

05. Top Unique Features: Garmin Striker 4cv GPS Fishfinder

The Garmin Striker 4cv fishfinder comes with a bunch of unique features that can make your fishing experience a lot smoother and effective.  

Unlike other Gamin models, this one has CHIRP technology along with Garmin ClearVü scanning sonar. It also comes with a built-in transducer. 

This unique fish finder comes with built-in Garmin Quickdraw contours mapping software. This lets you store your most used maps with 1” contours for up to 2 million acres!

The combination of these two very advanced features provides incredibly clear, colored photographic wide images. 

The best thing is, you will be able to identify the structure, shape, and species of all the fish you see through this device. It also has really conclusive target separation due to the transducer. 

The built-in GPS allows you to mark waypoints and create your own routes and lets you view the boat’s speed. The rugged design is ideal for the majority of fishing environments. 

The clear display of Striker 4cv along with its classic sunlight-readability feature is always great to have. The exterior of this fish finder comes in a matte black finish which looks and feels really nice and expensive. 

The colors are vibrant and help to focus on the fish movements better. You can use the LED backlight to help you see if the sky is cloudy.

So no matter how the day is or wherever you are going fishing, this budget fish finder is a great pick.


  • Transmit power:300 W (RMS)
  • Display: 3.5-inch, 480×320 resolution
  • Depth: 830-feet in saltwater and 1750-feet in freshwater
  • GPS: up to 5000 waypoints
  • Water rating: IPX7
  • Frequencies supported: Traditional- 50/77/200 kHz, CHIRP (mid and high), ClearVü: 260/455/800 kHz


  • Affordable  
  • LED backlight for night time fishing
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • GPS navigator included
  • Water-resistant 
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t feature NMEA connectivity

Why We Like This:

The advanced ClearVu technology and GPS makes it really great at locating fishes so that you can set the baits and wait. The GPS is a great addition especially for the price of it. 

06. Best for Shore Fishing: Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder

Deeper is a great brand that continuously brings out better and better models of fishfinders with premium features. Their latest one is Deeper START Smart fishfinder. The best thing about this unit is its lightweight design.

Made solely for shore fishing and entry-level kayak fishing, you can pretty much tell from the start this fish finder is quite small and portable. Just because it’s smaller, does not mean the features are any lesser. 

In fact, this model has the most updated and efficient features among all the other Deeper fishfinders. 

Accuracy is the most important thing to focus on in any fish finders. The Deeper START smart delivers a perfect display of what lies underneath the water to your smartphone. The free app has a simple user interface for anglers of all ages. 

The Deeper Start smart fish finder is designed to be cast from the bank. Its casting range is smaller than most options on our list.  It has a swivel attachment.

The automatic night fishing mode of Deeper Smart is great for late-night fishing. The portable, lightweight, and simple interface make it perfect to take anywhere you go. 

One thing we often overlook is the battery life. Imagine planning an all-day fishing trip and your fishfinder died in the middle of the day. Nothing can be more frustrating than this. 

The Deeper Start Smart fish finder comes with a 6/7 hours long battery life that only takes 2 hours to charge fully. This is really great especially if you are someone who is passionate about fishing on a regular basis.


  • Product Dimensions 4.33 x 3.15 x 4.33 inches
  • Weight 2.3oz
  • Casts out to 165 ft.
  • Scans down to 165 ft. with 40° sonar beam 
  • 6-hour battery life with 2. 5 hour recharge
  • Operating temperature at 32°F to 104°F


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Wireless wifi connectivity
  • Easy to sue 
  •  Comes with Deeper app 
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Auto night fishing mode
  • 6-hour battery life 


  • Does not work outside of 10’ range

Why We Like This:

This is a great option if you love shore fishing on a regular basis. The portable and smart design makes it a classic choice. 

07. Best Value: LUCKY Handheld Fish Finder

This is the best budget-friendly option on our list. It is quite hard to find something that’s very useful, practical, well-designed, and still comes at an unbelievably low price. 

Lucky handheld fish finder is an exception to that. It does everything you would want a fish finder to do but in a very affordable way. The Lucky fish finder comes with a great casting range. 

It is also really versatile in the sense that you can use it for shore fishing, boat fishing, kayak fishing, and even ice fishing. 

The durable construction makes it a very reliable choice. Just because it is cheaper does not mean it’s flimsy or feels cheap in any way. 

Made to be ideal as an entry-level fish finder, the Lucky handled is perfect for beginner anglers. It has an easy to understand interface that’s pretty self-explanatory. You get fish location, water depth, temperature, bottom contour and so much more with such a compact unit.

It comes with five powerful functions that include 5 modes sensitivity options, battery save mode, fish alarm, backlight mode, fish school alarm. 

On top of everything, the Lucky handheld fish finder has a year-long warranty to provide you the best customer experience. 

You won’t be able to tell the difference from a high-quality fish finder. Of course, it comes with its own limitations but for the price, it’s a great deal. 


  • 1.81inch diameter transducer sensor
  • Detect Depth Range: 3ft~328.08ft (0.6m~100m) under sensor
  • Sensor coverage range: 45 degrees beam angle in 200Khz
  • Sensor Operating Temperature: 14°F to 122°F(-10°C-50°C) 
  • Cable Length: 25ft (7.62m)
  • Powered by: 4 x AAA batteries (not included)


  • Suits variety of fishing environments 
  • 45° cone underwater for depth
  • Small and portable
  • Very affordable
  • 5 modes sensitivity options
  • Comes with a backlight
  • 1-year warranty


  •  Small display size

Why We Like This:

This is undoubtedly the most affordable option on our list. For the price, you get some really good features that can help any entry-level anglers to have a fun and efficient experience. 

08. Best Mountable: Lowrance Hook2 4X Fish Finder

Lowrance Hook2 4X is the value version of their Hook2 series. The Hook2 series is really popular among boat anglers due to the compact and efficient performance. 

This one, however, does not come with many fancy features. Instead, it provides a simple, effective, and affordable option with high-quality construction.

The best feature of any Lowrance fish finder is the accuracy rate of each reading. This one does the same thing with a CHIRP sonar system and multiple frequency levels. 

Most fish finders send out a single frequency. The Hook2 4X with its multi-frequency range provides a better and faster reading. You can also cover a larger range in a smaller period of time. 

The display of Lowrance Hook2 4X is nothing fancy or never-seen-before. It uses a basic design to provide great quality images to you. It does have SolarMAX technology to use it even under direct sunlight. 

For the night fishing lovers, the Hook2 4x has a bright backlight to identify fishes in shallow water. It’s also great for cloudy weather. 

One of the key things people love about Lowrance Hook2 4X is the simple user interface. You do not have to be a tech-savvy person to use this fish finder. 

It has a simple menu with minimal options. This is so that you don’t get confused or irritated to find what you’re looking for. Large fonts, keypad interface, and convenient touchscreen features make it very easy even for the elderly. 

For the beginner to hobbyist anglers out there, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a  professional unit, try something like the Hook2 4X. This makes fishing simple and less of a technical task to follow. 

For the average fisherman, this minimal, efficient, and affordable fish finder is more than enough to catch a great number of fish on a Sunday afternoon. 


  • Product Dimensions 3.3 x 6.5 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight 4.5 Pounds
  • Display size 4.3 inches
  • Color TFT DIsplay
  • Traditional 2-D sonar (fish arch) views


  • Easy to setup and use
  • Autotuning sonar
  • SolarMAX display
  • Wide angle for more coverage
  • Convenient and portable
  • IPX7 waterproof design


  • No navigational software and GPS

Why We Like This:

If you like to use a boat for fishing. This is a great mountable option to have. It’s simple to set up, small and sleek design with a user-friendly interface. 

09. Best for Deep Water: MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera + Portable Fish Finder

MOOCOR underwater fishing camera and fish finder is a great option if you want to have detailed and realistic images of deep water. It comes with a 4.3” large HD LCD display. 

The display has a number of great functions including digital zoom, battery status reminder, IR light on/off control, and video output functions. 

You can check the display even under direct sunlight for its anti-reflective sun visor. This makes fishing very convenient during summertime. 

The 15m cable wire of MOOCOR underwater lets you go further than any other options on our list. It comes with a 1000TVL HD rating caper that provides a clear view. 

Underwater can be quite dark especially if it’s a cloudy day. For that reason Moocor added a built-in IR LED lights to brighten the area for better visibility. The picture quality can vary sometimes depending on the lighting but overall, it’s pretty clear. 

The size is quite small and lightweight which is very convenient for a long all-day fishing trip. On that note, this fish finder also comes with a 3.7V/3000mAh battery that can run up to 8 hours without interruptions. 

The cable is made to be very durable under temperature change and heavy pressure. The whole unit is waterproof and corrosion-resistant as well. So you are investing in something that will definitely serve you for years. 


  • Charger: DC 5V
  • Display: HD 5-inch display 800×480
  • Battery: Lithium Battery 8800mAh
  • Monitor: input voltage DC 5V
  • Angle: 130° Wide angle
  • Cable Length: 30m/98ft
  • Wire diameter: 1.8MM
  • Night lights: white/infrared integrated camera
  • Resolution: High Definition
  • Work Temperature: -20–60 degree
  • Storage Temperature: -30–80 degree


  • Large display
  • Long cable
  • Small and compact design
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Long battery life
  • Great value for money


  •  In ice water, the camera tends to get blurry

Why We Like This:

This is the best fishing camera to get a clear vision of the deep underwater. The large display along with a high quality camera makes everything crystal clear even if it’s dark. 

10. Best Color Display: HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder

Not only eye-catching the HawkEye Fishtrax fish finder also has the best color display on our list. It comes with an HD Color Virtuview Display that provides a glare-free experience. 

You get a sonar sensor that is mountable to any boat and also floatable to get the best reading wherever you go. The LED backlight adds to the appeal as you can use it for night time fishing. 

HawkEye Fishtrax 1C fish finder offers FishArc and FishID indicators. It also comes in multi-mode that’s ideal for skilled anglers who have prior experience. You get high-definition fishing capability that provides a real-time view.

The FishTrax is built to be expand-able so that you can add any accessories you want. It is very adaptable for various types of fishing equipment. 

Boat, kayak, float tube, canoe, dock fishing, ice fishing; you name it. It’s super adaptable. 

The dual beam sonar of FishTrax provides 2 functional airwave frequencies of 200 kHz and 83 kHz. This lets you fine-tune the readings in both shallow and deep areas of water. 

You get 100-level affectability modification with multi-level depth ranges and auto-zoom ground tracking. This is a dream for any anglers to have. You won’t find something that provides a more detailed reading of the underwater landscape. 

You get a flasher mode and a fish finder mode. The first one tells you what’s happening underneath in real-time and the second one uses sonar returns to provide a historical image. Both are really useful and provide you a great deal of flexibility. 

The algorithmic software programming of this fish finder is another top feature. This minimizes false readings so you do not get fake alerts. It’s a really unmatched option that won’t disappoint you. 


  • Type: Down Imaging
  • Sonar: Dual Beam
  • Transducer: Mountable/trollable/floatable transducer
  • Display: Polarized VirtuView TFTN color display
  • LED backlighting
  • Dimensions: H x W x D – 6″ x 3″ x 2″
  • Weight : Not Specified
  • Batteries: 4 x AAA
  • Depth Capability: 240ft
  • Frequency: 83 and 200 kHz
  • Waterproof: IPX7


  • VirtuView HD color display 
  • Dual beam smart sonar
  • 100 sensitivity settings
  • Comes with a variety of sonar functions
  • Mountable and trollable transducer
  • Floatable and waterproof
  • Great value for money 


  •  The fonts on the display could be slightly large

Why We Like This:

This unit is great for remote fishing with its in-depth graphs. But the best thing about this fish finder is the display. The color display is  well made with great resolution and target separation. 

11. Best Camera Quality: Eyoyo 7” Fishing Camera Video Fish Finder

The Eyoyo fishing camera and video fish finder is a highly functional, fashionable and stylish kit for clear underwater images. 

Made to be equally utilitarian for both professional and amateur anglers, this set comes with everything you will be needing in one compact box. 

Whether you are fishing in freshwater or in the ocean. It can handle any climate and weather conditions. 

This fish finder comes with white lights and adjustable infrared lights. You can use this even for night time fishing. 

The display of this underwater fishing camera is 7 inches with a TFT color screen. This makes it ideal to use under any harsh lights as well. The pixels are 800*480 which is quite a clear view for the price. 

The best thing about Eyoyo fish finder is, you can record videos of what’s going underneath and then check it on your display. 

The camera is specially manufactured and has a 1000TVL program chip and 12pcs IR LED lights. 

The DVR recording function uses an 8GB SD card that can record any underwater activities. The video option is also great for low light and dark environments. 

The camera is shaped like a fish so that it blends right into the landscape. This way the fishes do not feel threatened or distracted by this man-made device in their territory.

You can use this fish finder for up to 8 hours in a continuous way due to the lithium batteries inside the device. The 4500mAh rechargeable battery is great for any all-day camping trip.


  • Screen size: 7 inch
  • Camera pixel: 1000TVL
  • Cable length: 30m
  • Night Vision: 12 pcs Infrared lights
  • Image: color
  • Viewing Distance: 0-3m
  • Camera Waterproof Level: IP68


  • Large screen provide clear pictures 
  • 800×400 screen resolution
  • Waterproof and scratch resistant
  • Removable sun visor
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Very small sand portable
  • Great value for money


  • The wires get twisted and knotted a lot

Why We Like This:

The camera and video quality is top notch. On top of that it also has a very decently large display. Overall a great option with easy-to-operate features.

12. Most Compatible: Vexilar SP200 T-Box Smartphone Fish Finder

The Vexilar SP200 is a really unique fish finder that is compatible with both smartphones and tablets. This means you do not have to worry about the display being too small or pixelated. Your phone becomes a display!

If you have a small boat or a kayak, having this fish finder would be a smart choice for you. Its compact style with wireless transducer makes it a good option for those who like simple equipment. 

Made to be functional, the Vexilar SP200 comes with an app. The app comments on the transducer and gathers all the important data. Then it analyzes them to make it easy for you to read. 

One of the cool things about the Vexilar fish finder is, it’s always accurate in its readings. The dual beam technology offers a 200 kHz. It’s perfect to get a clear picture of what’s underneath. 

Instead of carrying a handful of different devices to locate the fish, just use this one and your all-time companion, smartphone. This is basically all that’s needed for a great fishing experience. 

For the price, this is a bargain deal with a well-built transducer. You will be able to see the fish going towards your bait, getting caught and new fish emerging from all sides. 

Imagine spending on a 9/10” display fish finder, that would easily cost you more than $1000! So you can pretty much understand why Vexilar SP200 is an all-time best seller. 


  • Depth Range Max: 240′ (73M)
  • Depth Range Min: 2′ (0.6M)
  • Sonar Frequency: 200/83KHz Dual Beam
  • Cone Angles: Dual Beam 20° or 40°
  • Sonar Power: 12V DC power.
  • Audible Alarms: Fish, Shallow, Low Battery
  • Operational: -20 – 80°C
  • Wireless distance: 100 Yards (90M)


  • Built-in dual beam technology
  • No screen size limitations
  • Perfect for fishing boats and kayaks
  • Wireless connection
  • Great value for money 


  • The readings keep freezing if you connect it to a tablet

Why We Like This:

This is a great option for when you are looking for something without screens ize limitations. The smartphone compatibility makes it perfect for any types of fishing activities. 

13. Best Data Reading: Joywee Phiradar Color LCD Boat Fish Finder

Joywee Phiradar boat fish finder is designed to provide you location, depth, and bottom contour of water no matter where you are planning to go. 

This incredibly versatile divide is great for sea fishing, ice fishing, rivers, lakes, ponds, and basically anywhere you want. 

Even though a 3.5” display sounds pretty small, you will soon realize how compact and convenient this makes the whole set. 

You can carry it anywhere without even a second thought. Bulky designs always end up in the dusty closets.

The auto-zoom bottom tracking and quick manual zoom of Joywee is a fairly unique feature for a budget fish finder. It also comes with a multi-language menu setting that provides 15 different languages! 

Made to be universally accessible and perfect for people of all ethnicity, the Phiradar boat fish finder always provides an accurate reading. 

Joywee Phiradar fishfinder uses sonar beam frequencies of 200KHz and 83Khz. This gives you reading from all directions without distortion or interruptions. This is very helpful for fishing in a larger body of water.

You can set depth and fish alarms that notify you when new fish are arriving. You can identify the water temperature, fish shapes, and sizes even of the species. The anti-interference mode is a very smart and helpful feature to have especially for lakes. 

For the price, this fish finder is packed with quite a handful of unique settings. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, this is going to be your new jam. 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Display: 3.5″ TFT LCD
  • Resolution: V320 * H240
  • Front Lighting: White LED
  • Depth Range: 0.6m-300m / 2ft-984ft
  • Sonar Frequency: 200/83KHz dual beam
  • Input Power: DC 10-18V
  • Operation Temperature: -20~+70°C
  • Item Size: 16 * 10.2cm / 6.30 * 4.02in
  • Item Weight: 388g / 13.69oz
  • Package Size: 18 * 11.7 * 17.2cm / 7.09 * 4.61 * 6.77in
  • Package Weight: 977g / 2.15lb


  • Comes with battery indicator
  • Zero distortion or false readings
  • Anti-reflective display
  • No interference with underwater objects
  • 15 different languages option
  • Dual beam sonar frequency
  • Ideal for both pros and beginners


  • Not a very user-friendly design 
  • No GPS

Why We Like This:

Whether you are  a beginner or a professional, the unique features of Phiradar fish finders are advanced yet simple to control. So you get the best of both worlds.

14. Most Versatile: ReelSonar iBobber Wireless Fish Finder

The ReelSonar is probably one of the most versatile fish finders on our list. Made to be compatible with all smartphones, you can scan the area you want to fish within seconds. 

Whether you are planning an all-day-long fishing trip to a deep lake or going for light fishing to your nearest river, the iBobber wireless fish finder is exactly what you need. 

The iBobber comes with quite a few mapping features. This includes mapping waterbeds with GPS tagging. It also adds contours and creates an interactive map so that you can read it very easily. 

You also get fish alarms that notify you when new fishes emerge in your territory. The display shows weather conditions like temperature, rain, and wind speed. 

It has a 135-foot scanning distance which is a pretty reasonable amount especially if you are kayak fishing. 

Can you imagine the iBobber battery lasting up to 8 hours? This is very high for such an affordable fishfinder. Now you see why people love this for all-day kayaking. 

You can share the reading on social media for your other fishing buddies to see. This feature is nothing anyone thought of but makes so much sense. Especially if you are fond of fishing with a group. 

The patented sonar fish identifying technology of iBobber makes it a great companion to have at all times. If you are fond of dock and pier fishing, this will give you an upper hand at it. You will be able to catch larger fishes faster than ever. 

Honestly, from shore fishing to dock fishing to kayak and ice fishing, this single fish finder can handle them all. It even has a night fishing mode! This is why we call it the most versatile one on our list. 


  • 10+ hrs battery life
  • Syncs with iOS (Apple) 10.0 Android 4.3 or later that use Bluetooth Smart (4.0)
  • Accurate sonar readings down to a depth of 135′
  • Sonar readings 4ft – 135ft deep
  • 2 Snap swivel connections
  • Bluetooth Smart sync up to a distance of 100′ 


  • Patented sonar technology
  • Battery lasts up to 10+ hours
  • Wireless bluetooth features up to 100’
  • Waterbed and structure contour mapping
  • Social media share feature
  • GPS spot tagging
  • Great value for money


  • The app tends to freeze in between logs

Why We Like This:

If you are looking for something that would fit any occasion, whether you are going boat fishing or ice, then this is the one for you. 

Buying Guide

Fish Finder

Before purchasing any fish finder, it is important to know how to identify a good one. For that, you need to know what to look for. 

In this part of the best fish finders review, we will provide a thorough guideline of the key things.


This is the core of any fish finders. The transducer is the part that receives sonar waves that bounces off objects underwater. The transducer then sends the data to the display with all the necessary graphs for you to use.

It’s important to make sure whether you want a mountable or an underwater option. Depending on the type, checking the material of the transducer is also very crucial.

If you are not a regular at angling, go for something that’s made out of plastic. They are cheaper and easy to use. For more serious fishing lovers, you should look for metal options as they last years and years without any troubles. 

The best transducer we found is Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar.

Beams and Cone Angles:

The ongoing debate between down imaging and side imagine tells us how important it is to check the cone angles before purchase. 

Make sure to get a wider cone angle as it covers a larger area and you will get better readings. If possible, always go for multiple cone angles to get a proper underwater landscape.

A lot of the fish finders on our list have dual beams to provide a maximum range. Humminbird Piranhamax Fish Finder is a great affordable option to pick.


It’s a good thing if your fish finder comes with a built-in GPS. If not you can always buy one separately. The combo sets are more economical and practical to purchase. 

Having a GPS in your fish finder means you can track different locations you have been to and create your own fishing log. 

You can save all the necessary maps to use later. You can also use them to find your way back in case you are lost.

Garmin Striker 4cv GPS Fishfinder comes with its own built-in GPS navigation. This is also great for kayaking

Color vs B/W Display:

Display is a crucial factor in determining a fishfinder. Most people enjoy a color display as they are the standard nowadays. Color displays are easier to read as they are designed to help you distinguish between different objects. 

Although B/W displays are not that common anymore, there are some good ones out there. They are usually cheaper and simpler.

Some fish finders come with no display at all. Those smart fishfinders use your smartphone or tablet screen as the display. All you have to do is connect the device with the phone via wifi. 

A great one we like to use is HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder.

Screen Resolution:

Display resolution is very important. We had to talk about it at a separate point. It is better to go for higher pixels as you will get a clearer picture. 

If it’s a video camera, having an above-average pixel rate is crucial otherwise you won’t be able to identify anything. 

The more pixels you have, the better it shows. Aim for with 240×160 pixel resolution. Anything lower than that will be hard to follow. 

Eyoyo Fishing Camera Video Fish Finder has the best monitor with high camera specs.


If you are planning for an all-day trip, you need a fish finder that can perform for more than 6 hours on a continuous level . Anything less than that is not worth it. 

Battery life is very important for a seamless fishing experience. If possible, look for rechargeable options as they tend to last much longer than traditional ones. They are also more energy-efficient, 

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar is a great one as it can provide 8+ hours of service without interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01. Can I Use My IPAD as a Fish Finder?

Yes, you can but for that, you have to have a fish finder compatible with smart devices. Most fish finders come with their own display and settings. 

So to sync your phone or iPad with the transducer, look for something with wifi options. 

Something like Vexilar SP200 T-Box Smartphone Fish Finder don’t have a display at all. You need your phone to control the device.

02. Do Fish Finders Really Help?

Fishfinders are a great way to make fishing more convenient and time-saving. You do not spend hours and hours looking for fish at the wrong spot. 

All professional fishermen use one or multiple fish finders to make sure they are at the best possible location to catch the largest fish. 

Of course not all fish finders work or work well. This does not mean the product itself is unnecessary. You need to find a good option that would help you in your fishing journey. 

03. Which One is Better: Humminbird vs Lowrance?

We added both Humminbird and Lowrance to our top picks because we believe they perform really well. It is quite difficult to say which one is the better one though. That’s because both of them are built to serve very different purposes.

If you’re looking for an easy to use, simple but efficient fish finder, Lowrance is the brand to go to. They make devices for beginner anglers or anyone who is not very tech-savvy.

Humminbird on the other hand, adds the most latest technology, features, and advanced settings to provide the most versatile and modern piece of equipment for you. 

Both of them are really affordable and available to purchase from anywhere. So it is totally up to you to decide. 

04. Is Side Imaging Better Than Down Imaging?

Most fish finders use a down imaging technology which only scans the area straight down. This, anyone, can not be a reliable source of info for any anglers. That’s because you need a transducer that can spread sonar waves all around. 

Side imaging is more expensive but truly worth the money with this system, the sonar directs sound waves to the side of your boat. So you get a good understanding of the underwater landscape. 

It might take a bit more time to get used to or learn, but the result speaks for itself.


The world of the fish finders can be a bit intimidating at first. But once you get a hold of how it works, a new world will emerge in front of you, literally!

After using a fish finder, it’s quite impossible to go back. Because without one it feels like shooting blindly at a target we don’t even know exists. 

Fishfinders help you to set your baits at the right spots without wasting time on dead ends. 

Hopefully, with our top 14 fish finders under $300 reviews, you found exactly what you were looking for!

Which one did you pick? 

Did you find everything you needed?

Comment down below to let us know!

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