10 Best Chatterbait Trailers Review: The Fast Way to Guaranteed Catches!

Tried the traditional baits for fishing but could not get the results you wanted? 

Chatterbait Trailers

Then let’s talk about an invention that changed the game in the world of fishing…

Chatterbait trailers! 

Initially made for tournaments, these trailers quickly gained popularity in the modern world of fishing. From boomers to millennials, everyone has been left in awe with how good these work! 

New in this concept? 

Do not know which one is for you? 

Not to worry because our best chatterbait trailers reviews are here to help you! 

We talk about the best features of the top ten trailers and have left a buying guide for your ease. 

Without further ado, get on board! 

Types of Chatterbait Trailers

Best Chatterbait Trailers

Craw Style Trailer:

The craw style trailers take the shape of a worm with claws like crabs. That is the best way we could describe it! 

These are the commonly chosen trailers because of the splinters ability to clap together in a faster manner. Unlike the swimbait trailers, these have a more flapping motion. Mostly used in cold waters, the craw style trailers allow you to slowly reel the fish in. 

The result?

The bait can be ridden higher in the water and increase its efficiency. 

Swim Bait Style Trailer:

Contrary to the craw style trailer, the swimbait style trailers usually come in the shape of fishes. These swim all the way to the deep waters and lure the fishes out! 

Usually, these trailers allow you to do some quick fishing. They also create less resistance, giving you an effortless fishing experience! 

One of the main advantages of swimbait trailers is that they do not bring back any weed. The claws on the craw trailers easily get caught on weed, whereas these do not have any grip to get the weed back. Ergo, when going out to fish in a water full of weed, you know which one to pick! 

Top 10 Chatterbait Trailers to Buy Today! 

Here are our picks for the chatterbait trailers. The list contains both craw style and swimbait trailers. Be the judge! 

01. Z-Man Original ChatterBait

Coming from the very famous Z-Man, this original chatterbait trailer has been praised more than the rest in the line. That is no surprise, given its heavy-cover and sharp blades! 

All you have to do is let it swim in the water and trust it to get you that big fat fish! The supreme duo of the hex-shaped blade and the striking design give it a jerk, large enough to catch the attention of all the fishes. 

Whether you want it to float on the top or sink down below, the weight of this Z-man Chatterbait is good enough for both. From sunrise to sunset, this one will help you catch more bass than you ever did! 

The best part is that no matter how many obstacles the lake, river, of the fishing area has, it will move over all of it. It passed our test of avoiding trees, rocks, timber, weeds, and edges, so we are guessing it is great for any other names that strike your mind! 

What We Loved:

  • Sharp blades. 
  • Has the patented Z-man design.
  • Works on shallow water. 
  • Avoid obstacles properly. 

What Can be Improved:

  • The coating on the blade fades away quickly. 
  • Might be too large for some areas. 

Why We Recommend Buying This:

Once you start using these original chatterbaits by Z-Man, they will become your go-to baits, so you better stock them up. Using this chatterbait with a swimbait trailer might just be the best bet for you in livening up those fishing trips! 

02. Z-Man Chatterbait Jack Hammer Green Pumpkin

This Z-Man Chatterbait Jack Hammer might look like any other chatterbait, but the fishes it catches definitely do not look like the ones those catches. Known to be durable, the Jack Hammer is capable of hooking up bass as large as 3 pounds! 

It comes with sharp swim jigs that are ⅜ ounces and are guaranteed to cling on to the fish till the very end. The squiggly skirts are made of silicon and carefully crafted by hand so that they do not come off during your fishing session! 

As soon as it is put in the water, it starts jiggling creating the same effect as a real-life bait. The low center of gravity head and flat bottom help it to stay where it is supposed to and yet attract all the fishes around. 

An excellent feature of the Z-Man Jack Hammer Chatterbait Trailer is that it takes up dodging obstacles as a challenge. Be it docks or overhanging trees, it will pass right below them! Secured with double wires, silicon skirts do not fall off easily. 

What We Loved:

  • Made of sharp swim jigs. 
  • Silicone rubber skirts are tied with double wires to keep them from loosening. 
  • The vibrating effect looks like live baits. 
  • Stays where it is supposed to. 
  • Goes under docks. 

What Can be Improved:

  • Too expensive for some. 

Why We Recommend Buying This:

If pricing is not a big factor for you, then the Z-man Chatterbait is the one you should go for. In fact, the sharp-edged jigs, low-gravity head, and ability to look like real fish baits, make up for the price, and make it worth every penny you spend! Rest assured, this will give you some of the biggest catches of your life! 

03. Strike King Rage Tail Craw

The Strike King Tail Chatterbait Craw swims over to the lake, sea, ocean, and sits there waiting for its prey. As soon as it gets the slightest hint of a fish getting stuck to its hook, it starts chittering and creates enough vibrations to let you know about its catch! Using it as a jig trailer guarantees the catching of larger basses. 

Looking somewhat like a worm with claws, this rage tail craw easily lures fishes towards it. Besides, you get to choose from the funky colors it comes in as an added bonus for that fish-luring trait! If we were you, we would get one of each color! 

Worried if this will fit in the hook you own?

Don’t be! The Strike King Chatterbait fits in with many hook sizes, making it versatile for you. This bait is also Carolina rigged enabling it to adjust the weight according to the flow of wind and depth of the water body. 

One piece of advice that we have for you is to rig it in the plain old Texas style! This is more likely to give you more catches than you expected. Nevertheless, do keep in mind that one bait does not last very long, so you will have to buy quite a lot of it. 

What We Loved:

  • Flaps very fast, creating a lot of noise in the water.
  • Attractive to the fishes because of the way it is made.
  • Has a slight coffee smell that raises curiosity in fishes. 
  • Comes in different colors. 
  • Can be hooked on to different sized hooks. 
  • Alters itself according to the depth of water. 

What Can be Improved:

  • Very fragile. 

Why We Recommend Buying This:

The Rage Tail Strike King might not be long-lasting, but it comes at quite an inexpensive price so you could always purchase more of it. Besides, you will definitely want to buy each of the colors because they look great in the water! Also, its versatility and action-packed performance during fishing, makes it the best trailer for chatterbait! 

04. Harmony Fishing Company Chatterbait Kit

Would you rather go for a single bait or a pack of baits? We bet most of you picked the latter. 

For those of you who did, the Harmony Fishing Company has come up with an entire chatterbait kit for you. The set includes four trailers of soft plastic, one chatterbait, and an entire guide on how to fish with chatterbait. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, this kit got your back! 

From the first drop in the water, this bait moves around with the proper amount of jiggling in the water. Featuring sharp blades and a robust design, it catches bass and trout with ease! 

One excellent feature that this has is weed-free fishing. There could be hundreds of weeds all over, but when it comes back with your big catch, you will not find anything other than that! The trick is to recoup it slowly and steadily. 

It might come with the very basic colors like black and blue, but these reflect at night! With the flashing light, it is easy to attract fishes and also keep track of where the chatterbait is going. 

What We Loved:

  • Comes with all the necessary tools. 
  • Jiggles with the appropriate speed. 
  • Does not entangle itself with weed. 
  • Reflects at night. 

What Can be Improved:

  • Hooks can become dull pretty quickly. 
  • Does not come with very attractive colors. 

Why We Recommend Buying This:

The ability to throw flashes at night is not something every chatterbait comes with. Along with that, the fact that it comes back with nothing but fish, and the chatterbait guide, makes it one of the best chatterbaits in the market! 

05. Zman Split Tail Grub Spinnerbait Chatterbait Trailer

Made of ElaZtech construction, the Zman Split Tail Chatterbait trailer is more durable than the other ones of the same caliber. The length of 4 inches is ideal for catching any sort of fish, especially bass.

Moreover, this spinnerbait is the perfect combination of bulky and floatable. It sinks till a certain degree and then floats throughout, attracting fishes along the way! 

The long stringy feet like structure and the eye-catching colors are what makes it stand out from the crowd. The durability of these baits is amazing! Rest assured, they will help you out in a number of fishing trips. 

What We Loved:

  • Long length reaches out to a wider area. 
  • Does not sink all the way so that you can keep an eye on it. 
  • Unique colors give it an edge. 
  • Long-lasting. 

What Can be Improved:

  • Prone to melting when kept with other baits. 

Why We Recommend Buying This:

Within a moderate price range, the Z-man Spinnerbait will leave you impressed with its long reach and fish catching skills. Its durability and ability to stay buoyant makes it a good buy for anyone! 

06. Gary Yamamoto Zako Swimbaits

What attracts fish better than fish itself? The Gary Yamamoto Chatterbait Trailer with the shape of a fish traps with its beauty! Made in the U.S, the 4-inch Yamamoto Swimbaits have left most people impressed with its capabilities. 

At first glance, it might look small. Although, as you hook it up, you will see that it is bigger than you expected it to be. With its size, color, and reflective blue light it is a great bait for not only bass but also catfish! 

This trailer does jiggle its way through, but it does so in a way that it does not disrupt the work of the chatterbait. How thoughtful! You can also use it for shallow waters since it does have a good weight to it. 

Keeping all the actions aside, this bait gets tired after catching a few fishes. Ergo, you might have to stock up on it! Also, do not forget it out in the sun because it melts in high temperatures! 

What We Loved:

  • Design and color are excellent for luring fishes. 
  • Pretty standard in size.
  • Blue light reflects. 
  • Jiggles at the proper speed. 
  • Can be used in shallow water. 

What Can be Improved:

  • Melts in very hot temperatures.
  • Lacks durability. 

Why We Recommend Buying This:

If the short lifespan of this chatterbait trailer is what is throwing you off, let us tell you that you will hardly find one that lasts for all your fishing trips! That being said, the budget-friendly price, attractive design, and proper chattering speed is what makes it a must-have! 

07. Strike King Tour Grade Rage Bladed Swim Jig

The half-ounce Strike King Bladed Swim Jig features the ideal design for getting more fishes hooked. With the custom Gamakatsu hook and its dramatic colors, it not only looks good to the fishes, but it also looks good to you! 

Using its intense vibration as soon as it hits the water, it is a big-time killer for the bass in the water! This fantastic action almost makes it seem as though the chatterbait has come alive! Once it makes it move and catches the fish, there is no way it lets go of it till you manually release it. 

Remember that this one does not do so well with obstacles so it might hit them a few times, making it less durable than you would expect. Furthermore, it does keep weed at bay but not to the full extent. 

What We Loved:

  • Hooks fishes till the very last minute. 
  • Attractive design for fishes. 
  • Intense vibration mechanism. 
  • Keeps weed away to some extent. 

What Can be Improved:

  • Does not work around obstacles. 
  • Does not provide complete weed-free fishing experience. 

Why We Recommend Buying This:

According to us, the Strike King Tour Rage Bladed Trailer has the best chatterbait colors in the market. Ranging from the tamed black color to the bright red, it has got all the funk you need! Of course, this is an added bonus to its high-pitch jiggering and potential to hold fish for a long time. 

08. Z-MAN Chatterbait Elite

If you are looking for one of the best chatterbaits that is versatile for all kinds of water bodies, then look no further than the Z-man Chatterbait Elite. This 0.3″ high and 2.7″ wide trailer chatters the entire time, making you feel the vibration till your reel! 

Having sharp blades, this chatterbait trailer gives you the pleasure of catching some pretty good bass and other kinds of fishes. Even at slow speeds, the Z-man Elite Chatterbait, wobbles hard, attracting fishes from all over the water! It does come up with a long Gama Katsu hook, but you need to be steady in order to bring up the fishes, otherwise, they might jiggle their way out. 

The best part is that you do not need to go for one color, you can choose from the amazing range of colors available. You could also stock up on quite a few of them at one go because they come at a cheap price! 

What We Loved:

  • Vibrates for quite a long time. 
  • Blades are sharp enough to keep the fish clinging. 
  • The design is eye-catching. 
  • Has a low-profile hub. 
  • Durable. 
  • Comes in lots of colors. 
  • Inexpensive. 

What Can be Improved:

  • Sinks very fast. 
  • No trailer on the lure. 

Why We Recommend Buying This:

The Z-man chatterbait is great for when you want to store up a few colors of baits and create a good distraction for the fishes. Additionally, the ability to slowly swim across the lake and the cheap price tag, makes it a good investment for anyone! 

09. Z-MAN Project Z Chatterbait

The Z-Man Project-Z Chatterbait has been famous in the world of fishing sports, but it slowly made its way into the casual fishing zones as well. Made of excellent materials and chemically sharpened nickel hook, this one was made to last! 

This Z-man Chatterbait got an edge from the Original Chatterbait series because of the newly designed head. Now, it has a minnow shape rather than the typical Arkie style. Moreover, it sways even more freely, giving the bait more freedom to roam around and create vibrations all over. 

The most fantastic trait that this one has is its ability to start over when it comes in contact with any obstacle. Besides, the line tie is now attached in a twisted pattern, ensuring that the strands do not come loose. Unlike other chatterbait trailers, the hook on this one does not rust away after a few catches! 

What We Loved:

  • Crafted with the highest quality materials.
  • New head design allows the chatterbait to move around more swiftly. 
  • Creates strong vibrations. 
  • Rips through weeds. 
  • The line tie is strongly attached. 
  • Hook does not corrode easily. 

What Can be Improved:

  • Does not work very well in mossy water. 

Why We Recommend Buying This:

Project Z by Z-Man comes at a low-price and offers you a strong head, sharp hooks, and secure line tie. Additionally, the weed in the water bodies cannot stop it from getting you your fish! 

10. Z-Man Flashback Mini Chatterbait

This mini chatterbait featuring a hex-shaped chatter blade is a deadly predator for the fishes in the oceans and lakes! With its patent-pending design that trembles with great speed, there is no fish that frees away from its hook. 

The characteristic that it is specifically famous for is the flashback. Once it is in the water, it throws out flashes, making it good for both day and night fishing trips! The combination of sideway movement and flashing body is what makes this such a good fish catcher. 

However, due to the size of this, it does not last very long. You can use it for up to two large fishes and it will die on you after that. Although, its performance will make you want to get more of this! 

What We Loved:

  • A Halo finished body makes a good attraction for fishes.
  • Moves with intense vibration. 
  • Catches on anything that swims. 
  • Moves sideways as well. 
  • Good for both day and night fishing. 

What Can be Improved:

  • Gives up after a few catches.

Why We Recommend Buying This:

The astonishing Z-man Flashback Chatterbait Trailer comes with a reflective body and the amazing fish design that lures fishes into your trap. It swims along just fine and holds on to any fish that crosses its path. With the sharp blades in place, it is guaranteed to give you a memorable fishing trip! 

Buying Guide: Features to Look Out for

chatterbait fishing trailer

Looking for more general guidelines? Here are a few aspects to keep in mind when buying your chatterbait trailer. 

The Right Color:

First things first, you need to get a chatterbait of the right color. Most chatterbait trailers come in a variety of colors to choose from.

But, what exactly is the right color? 

For clear waters, go for the basic black, green, or pumpkin. Since both and the fishes have a better vision in clean waters, there is no need to opt for bright colors. The fishes should just as easily locate the basic colored chatterbaits and come towards it. 

You need to save the bright colors for when you go out to fish in the dirty waters, namely the ones filled with moss, weed, etc. For this, you can pick the bright and dark colors like red, neon, yellow, and others as such. 

Amount of Action:

After you are done picking the color, look out for the amount of movement your chatterbait provides. The best chatterbait trailers do not just vibrate for no reason. There should be movement strong enough to attract the fishes. 

Moreover, the chatterbait trailers should give more of a jerk when they catch on to something, rather than vibrating in the same way as they did before. 

Big or Small?

Some chatterbait trailers have a sleek and slender look and are small in size. On the other hand, others have a more bulkier feel to them and have long tails as well. 

The only way to decide which size you need is dependent on the size of the lake itself. If the water body is pretty big, go for the large-sized ones. The Z-Man Original ChatterBait is known to be the ideal size for bigger lakes and bigger catches. 

Contrarily, for smaller lakes, you could try out the Z-Man Flashback Mini Chatterbait. Its small size and flashing skills make it a good match for mini lakes. 

One other thing to consider when choosing sizes is the clarity of the water. Quite often in unclear water, it might be wise to throw in a big-sized bait since it will be easier for the fishes to locate them. 

Make Good Use of Chatterbait: Tips and Tricks! 

Most of us are new in the world of chatterbait trailers. Ergo, here are some tricks that we jotted down for you! 

Double-colored Chatterbait Trailers:

We did talk about the right color for your chatterbait trailer but there is one thing we skipped on…

Picking a double color chatterbait trailer! 

If you think from the perspective of bass or any other fishes, they usually see the bait from down below. This gives them a better view of the bottom side. Hence, two-tone colors have been quite a hit with chatterbait trailers! 

We would suggest getting one that has a dark color on top and a bright or neon color on the belly. Consequently, you might have better chances of attracting them. If not, just go for the basic tip we provided earlier! 

Change Patterns During Reeling:

There is no point in reeling the fish back in one motion. That gives the fishes more chances to quickly jerk off the hook. 

Do not just give sudden jerks without any planning. Analyze the situation and then trigger movements according to that. What we tried is making occasional stops and twitches based on the movement of the reel. 

Not Holding the Line Tie Strongly: 

When you are making big catches, it is likely that you will need a strong line tine. People often make the mistake of not concentrating on how your trailer slides down. 

To make it long-lasting, we like to dab in a few drops of glue on the head of the trailer. In this way, you no longer have to worry about it falling off easily during the day-long fishing trips. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

01. Should I Use a Trailer on a Chatterbait?


Of course, you could always do without a trailer, but when you can afford one, why not?! 

The trailers add more of a bulk to your chatterbait and also imitates the looks of a real bait. If you want to make better catches and have failed with just chatterbait, then grab a trailer and see the results for yourself! 

02. How Do I Rig a Chatterbait Trailer?

Rigging a trailer on the chatterbait can be quite tricky if you are doing it for the first time. However, once you get used to it, it is as easy as ABC! Here are the steps:

  1. Align the center of the chatterbait with the trailer hook. 
  2. Push it up all the way into the hook.
  3. Carefully place your fingers on the two small wired keepers inside. 
  4. Pull down on the bait so that the barbs fasten it securely.
  5. For extra adherence, add a drop or two of super glue to the hook.

03. Are Chatterbaits Good for Bass?

A 100 percent!

In fact, chatterbaits are the most recommended kinds of bass fishing. Chatterbaits create some serious commotion in the water, attracting bass from all over! It slices its way through the grass and weed, creating flashes along the way to get you more catches! 

Bottom Line

Chatterbaits have grown in use in recent years, due to its versatility and durability. Using the best chatterbait trailers aims to amp up your fishing trip by getting you more catches! 

Choose from our long line of chatterbait trailers and start fishing for days to come! Rest assured, no future fishing trips will leave you disappointed if you use a chatterbait trailer.

Got more questions?  

Or perhaps, you have a few suggestions for us?

Either way, leave a comment and let us get back to you! 

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