Best Bait for Perch in 2021: Catch the Biggest Perch in Any Season!

As perch is available in almost all bodies of water, we all enjoy a great perch fishing trip it our buddies. Every angler loves using live baits but they are often hard to maintain.

Baits for Perch

For perch fishing, live baits can be a limitation as they are not reusable. So most skilled anglers love to invest in a good quality crankbait or fishing lure for their year-long perch fishing. 

As the perch season is coming, we thought it would be a good idea to gather all the baits we have found to be useful and effective. We struggled to make a compact list but finally narrowed it down to 14 best bait for yellow perch. 

Before we jump into the review, let’s take a look at our overview of the best perch fishing rigs. All these baits are designed to make your fishing experience better and advanced.

Top Pick01. GOTOUR Bass Fishing Lures:
Key Features:

01. 6 segments realistic lures
02. ABS plastic body
03. Super sharp Mustad BKK hooks
04. Internal bass steel ball
05. Lifelike 3D stereoscopic eyes
06. Flexible fishtail
07. S-shape swimming action
9.9Check Price
Best for Gamefish02. Berkley Crankbait Hard Fishing Lures:
Key Features:

01. Unique weight transfer system
02. Increased casting distance
03. Imitates a fleeing baitfish
04. Elicits aggressive strikes from perch
05. Stickly sharp Mustad Ultra Point treble hooks
06. Available in several colors
9.8Check Price
Live Baits Alternative03. BERKLEY Gulp! Alive! Gulp Bait:
Key Features:

01. 1 inch reusable minnows
02. Coms in rechargeable “Majic Gravy”
03. Great for ice fishing or open water bobber fishing
04. Ideal for perch and trout
05. Comes in a 2.1 oz jar
9.7Check Price
Best Features04. Strike King KVD Popping Perch:
Key Features:

01. 7 inch leopard frog 1PK
02. Topwater hollow-body popping lure
03. Skips, walks an splashes water
04. Fully sealed nose
05. Strong durable hooks
06. Collapsible body for better hookups
07. Great in open water
9.5Check Price
Best for Larger Fishes05. Aorace Fishing Topwater Swimbait Fishing Bait:
Key Features:

01. 2 sharp table hooks
02. Laser realistic fish pattern
03. 3D looking eyes
04. Durable ABS material
05. Steel ball inside for better balance
06. Noise model design sends rhythmic sound
9.4Check Price
Most Giftable06. PROBEROS Crankbaits Set Fishing Lure:
Key Features:

01. Fish-attracting design
02. 3D lifelike fish eyes
03. Laser printed body
04. Balanced and long-cast design
05. Stainless steel BBs inside Lures’ chamber
06. Double flat strong rings
07. Durable ABS material
9.4Check Price
Best for Kids07. Fishing Spoon Lure Set Metal Baits:
Key Features:

01. Wide range of patterns
02. Colorful and easy to notice
03. Reflects light underwater
04. Comes with a single hook
05. Causes less line twist
06. Great for slow speed retrieval
9.2Check Price
Most Versatile08. Lixada 5PCS Fishing Lure Set:
Key Features:

01. 3D printing body
02. Multi-jointed flexible body
03. Mustad hooks
04. Streamlined body design
05. Strong loading abilities 
06. Reusable & environment protective swimbait
07. Suitable for saltwater and freshwater
9.1Check Price
Most Lifelike09. CharmYee Bass Fishing Lure:
Key Features:

01. 6 segment lifelike lures
02. Artificial lure of high simulation
03. Made of high quality ABS material
04. Built-in steel ball
05. High bass vibration
06. Professional quality assurance
9.1Check Price
Best for Ice Fishing10. Acme Hyper-Glide Minnow Fishing Lure:
Key Features:

01. Patented V-Drop system
02. Unprecedented jigging action
03. Lifelike action with loud noise
04. Glides through water with open wings
05. Allows vertical drop
9.1Check Price
Most Well-Balanced11. SundayPro Crankbaits Fishing Lures
Key Features:

01. 10 micro crankbaits fishing lure
02. Unique rhythmic and gravity ball
03. 3D holographic fisheye
04. Available in 10 colors
05. Durable ABS construction 
06. Great for both freshwater and saltwater fishing
07. Comes with a beautiful gift box
9.0Check Price
Best Crankbaits12. Sougayilang Minnow Fishing Lures Crankbaits Set:
Key Features:

01. Crank fishing lures
02. Lifelike swimming action
03. Metal balls makes sound underwater
04. High Definition glossy body patterns
05. Vivid simulated eyeballs
06. 2 barbed treble hooks
8.8Check Price
Super Durable13. Sougayilang Fishing Spoons Lure:
Key Features:

01. Narrow profile and compact design
02. Made from Aluminum alloy
03. Super strong and sharp hooks
04. Great fro lake and stream fishing
8.7Check Price
Best Value14. NUOMI 5-Piece Mini Fishing Lures:
Key Features:

01. ABS + high-carbon stainless steel construction
02. Small and big fish slayer
03. Great for LRF fishing in both salt and freshwater
04. 5 pieces of small cricket crankbaits
05. Cast and retrieve faster
06. Super sharp hooks
8.4Check Price

Top 14 Best Baits for Perch Reviews

01. Top Pick: GOTOUR Bass Fishing Lures

The Gotour bass fishing lures come in a 6 segment jointed body with realistic skin patterns. They are great at slow sinking and an S-shape swimming action. They have a very realistic touch to the movements and speed. 

Gotour is known for their high quality materials that ensure longevity of each item. This one is no exception. These yellow perch fishing rigs are made from a tough ABS plastic with an inner strong mesh woven fabric. 

This fabric joints all the separate pieces together. Due to the material, it has super flexibility while being sturdy enough to be used for a long period of time. 

The mustad hooks on this set is a classic design with incredible sharpness. If you’re not very careful, you can seriously injure yourself. This set of hooks ensures that the fish you catch will be hooked up in every situation.

Even though we are focusing on yellow perch fishing, you can actually use this set for a wide range of different species. You can target pike, bass, muskie, trout, snook, salmon, walleye etc.

The Gotour yellow perch lures come with built-in rattles that emit vibrations and sound underwater. The noise lures the fish towards it and works as a stimulus for predatory fishes. 


  • Super flexible
  • Realistic body texture
  • 3D stereoscopic eyes
  • Swims in an S-shape
  • Flexible fishtail
  • Durable and well-made
  • Great value for money
  • Ideal for both fresh and saltwater


  • The size is a bit bigger than average

Why We Recommend This:

We love this yellow perch bait as you can basically use this one for all types of game fishes including perch. It has a very realistic and flexible body with a movable tail. 

It looks and behaves like a real fish underwater. For the price it is a solid option to go for. 

02. Best for Gamefish: Berkley Flicker Shad Crankbait Hard Fishing Lures

Berkley Flicker Shad is a fast action yellow perch fishing bait that’s built to have a premium and solid construction. If you’re looking for a crankbait at a reasonable price, there is nothing better than this.

A lot of beginner angler struggle to tune in their baits. This one on the other hand, comes in a pre-tuned setup. Berkeley individually tank-test each Flicker Shad to provide you the best version possible.

These perch fishing rigs have a very unique weight transfer system. So when you cast with this bait on your fishing line, the internal rattles flow to the back of the bait to provide a certain lightweightness. 

Do to this, you can cast further and better. This feature also balances out the whole casting. 

The flicker action this bait is known for is proven to trigger predatory fishes toward it. So you get a high catch rate. 

Berkley Flicker Shad yellow perch fishing lures come with mustad ultra point treble hooks. These types of hooks are really sharp and can handle larger fishes effortlessly. 

We like the fact that this fishing habit is made with a lot of thoughts behind. It is highly engineered to help you have the best fishing experience. 


  • Compact and small in size
  • High quality materials
  • Durable construction
  • Sharp and strong mustad treble hooks
  • Makes rattling noise
  • Very good for deepwater fishing
  • Affordable 


  • Comparatively heavier for its size

Why We Recommend This:

This is a great fishing bait for gamefish. You will find it really effective for bass, pike, perch, walleye and other predator species. 

03. Live Baits Alternative: BERKLEY Gulp! Alive! Gulp Bait

Not all of us like to use hard baits or crankbaits for fishing. A large number of anglers actually enjoy using live baits a lot!

But the issue with live baits is, they are often hard to find or can cost quite a lot if you are a regular at fishing. So to solve this dilemma, Berkeley has created this Gulp Alive baits that looks and performs like real ones. 

This yellow perch bait comes in a peculiar manner. You get a healthy amount of 1 inch minnows in a jar. The jar is filled with something Berkley calls “Majic Gravy”. When you put the baits abc into the jar, this curious liquid recharges them to look brand new again. 

These minnows baits feel and behave like proper live baits. This is a great option if you want to go for ice fishing or open water fishing. 

If you are a passionate ice fisherman, we encourage you to give this a try. You will be shocked by the effectiveness of this ice fishing perch gulp bait. 


  • Very practical
  • Rechargeable and reusable baits
  • Great value for money
  • Durable body
  • Each jar has plenty of minnows


  • If you are dealing with a larger fish, these soft baits can tear off

Why We Recommend This:

We absolutely love how these baits can be used as a replacement for live baits. Both practically perform the  same while the Berkley Gulp is more long lasting. So we see no reason not to try it.

04. Best Features: Strike King KVD Popping Perch

The Strike King KVD Popping Perch bait is a very colorful and unique type of fishing lure. It is designed in a very non traditional way. 

The tail or legs of this yellow perch fishing rig is very unique. It has a set of long pieces of rubbers attached to the bottom. 

Each of the rubber strands are of different sizes. This might seem strange at first but the moment you put it on the water, you will realise the implication of those individual strands.

In the water they move freely and look like a fishtail. This draws in predator fishes like bass or perch. This is a very clever feature to have especially if you are not skilled at jigging.

This KVD Popping fishing bait is made using a combination of plastic and rubber. Inside the body there is a solid 4/0 hooks with extreme sharpness. As the looks are relatively large, nothing can get out of this. 

This bait has a loud popping noise when you put it in the water or try to cast it. If you use sporadic action with intervals, the bait seems to perform impressively well.this is one of the best bait for white perch. 


  • Super affordable
  • Durable and strong hooks
  • Designed for heavy pressure
  • Colorful design
  • Collapsible hollow-body
  • Skips, walks and splashes water
  • Ideal for all types of water areas


  • Tends to sink faster

Why We Recommend This:

This yellow perch fishing bait simulates a wounded, disoriented baitfish. It comes with tons of cool features that seem to catch the attention of pike and bass very fast.

05. Best for Larger Fishes: Aorace Topwater Swimbait Fishing Bait

The Aorace Topwater Swimbait Fishing bait comes with 2 sharp table hooks. This means there is no change that the fish is going to get away during retrieval. This set is a very powerful set of baits ideal for fishing for perch. 

Aorace uses the latest coating and surface laser technology to draw realistic fish patterns on each of their baits. They come with 3D eyes that look translucent and bright underwater. 

Made from ABS, this set of swimbaits are super durable and versatile. The bright colors are great at attracting a wide variety of predators to it. You can use these baits for a long time in both freshwater and saltwater fishing. 

As the baits have steel balls inside, they roll back and forth when you put them in the water. This helps to balance the bait. You can cast at a very far distance.

Aorace Topwater Swimbaits make a rhythmic sound that sends away vibrations. The unique rhythm can be noticed or heard even if your perch is very far away from the bait. So this noise model design is super effective. 


  • Very sharp treble hooks
  • Realistic fish pattern 
  • Durable materials
  • Small and lightweight
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Makes rhythmic sound
  • Provide better balance
  • Great value for money


  • Has quality control issues

Why We Recommend This:

These micro baits are very good for targeting larger fishes. Largemouth baits, northern pike, and perch are particularly fond of this bait. 

06. Most Giftable: PROBEROS Crankbaits Set Fishing Lure

This is probably one of the most giftable yellow perch bait sets for anglers of all skills and age. You can use this crankbaits set for virtually all types of predatory fishes. The 6 colored set can be used on both freshwater and saltwater too.

Proberos crankbaits allure have 3D lifelike fish eyes. It has a fish-attracting laser printed body that is noticeable even in the dark. 

To make it super durable and reusable, these lures come with double flat strong rings and 6 carbon steel treble hooks. When you put the bait in the water, it sends  a continuous metal flash and vibrations all around.

This attracts larger fishes from a distance. To make the bait appear as real, it has a hidden chamber inside to keep balance. This also helps with further casting as the bait does not overweigh the fishing line.

If you are really interested in the durability of your baits, know that this set is very well-made to last a good amount of time. Proberos top-water crankbaits are very known for their quality performance. 

Each set comes with a few different sizes of baits. This gives you a lot of freedom to fish in any body of water you want. It also helps to target different species. 


  • Ideal for a wide range of predator fishes
  • Lifelike design
  • Strong and durable
  • Super sharp treble hooks
  • Flash and vibrations underwater
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Great value for money


  • The hooks are a little thin

Why We Recommend This:

This is a very affordable bait set that can be used by anglers of all ages and skills. Casting is very easy. You will get a very high catch rate with this.

07. Best for Kids: Croch Fishing Spoon Lure Set Metal Baits

If you are someone who gets bored using the same type of baits all the time, this is a very fun set to try. The Croch fishing spoon lure set comes in many different patterns and colors.

They are made from a qualified material that can reflect light underwater. This means the baits are noticeable from distance which helps to lure in predators. 

We all love double or triple hook baits. But the problem with them is, most fishes do not swallow them. This one comes with a single hook. 

Another advantage of a single hook is, unhooking is relay easy. The hook does not damage the fish that much either. 

One issue with most crankbaits or movable lures is that they can cause line twists if you are not careful. This one however does not do that. That’s because the Croch fishing spoon lures both spins and wobbles. They also spins in different directions. 

The ability to change direction decreases line triangles drastically. This set is very good for beginner anglers who are still figuring out how to handle a fishing rod. 

If you are someone who likes to fish in a slower and calming manner, you will find these perch fishing rigs work superbly. For some reason, this set works better if you fish slowly. The slower the line retrieval, the better it attracts fishes. 


  • Wide range of patterns
  • Causes less line twist
  • Easy to use
  • Great for slow retrieval
  • Affordable
  • Colorful and compact sizes


  • Not great for reusing for years

Why We Recommend This:

This is a very classic perch bait set for anyone who is interested in easy and simple fishing lures. This set is particularly great for kids as they find them quite fun. They also perform just as good as any advanced ones.

08. Most Versatile: Lixada 5PCS Fishing Lure Set

If you are someone who really enjoys using the same lure for a wide range of fishing methods, then this Lixada 5pcs fishing lure set is a great choice to go for!

Made with durable and flexible ABS material, this perch fishing bait is designed to look like real fish underwater. 

It has a 3D printed multi-jointed body. This is a great feature to have in any fishing baits. If you like baits that move like real fish, then picking a multi-jointed one is far better than a solid body option. 

This fishing lure can move in an S-shape way that looks a lot like an injured fish. This attracts the perch even from far distance. When the perch swallows the bait, it’s rigged super sharp double treble hooks makes retrieving a breeze.  

This fishing baits set is made to be used for a wide variety of species. You can target any predator fishes with a set like this. Bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, trout, roach, it can handle almost all freshwater fishes. 

This yellow perch fishing bait is great for a few saltwater species as well. The reusable and environment friendly bait is made to be used for a good amount of time. Whether you are a skilled angler or a beginner, this lure is a very versatile choice.  


  • Can handle upto 17kg of force
  • Lifelike flexible swimming 
  • 3D printed body
  • Environment friendly
  • Ideal for both fresh and saltwater fishing
  • Very versatile for different species


  • The hooks sometimes can reach each other and cause line tangle

Why We Recommend This:

This fishing bait has a ton of movements in the water. It has a sway action that provides you tons of control. This set is very visible under water so you know exactly where the lure is. You also get fast retrieval speed.

09. Most Lifelike: CharmYee Bass Fishing Lure

The CharmYee bass fishing lures are made to look very lifelike and realistic. Even though they are advertised as bass fishing lures, we have found them to work superbly for Perch fishing!

The key thing about any lifelike lure is the way they move underwater. To make these baits have the similar effect, CharmYee made them in a multi-jointed way. Each lure has a 6 segment body with excellent flexibility. 

Honestly, these yellow perch lures look so realistic. They have 3D eyes and pearl powder coating on top. Due to this, they look very delicate and soft, like real fish flesh. Even the most predator species falls for these baits.

The CharmYee hard bait lures are made out of high-quality ABS material. Each of them has a built-in steel ball so when the baits move, it makes noise which sends soundwaves all around. 

Fishes like bass, perch and trout are extremely sensitive to soundwaves and vibration. So they get provoked and try to attack the bait. 

These perch fishing rigs are made to be of professional quality. If you are looking for something that can be used for quite a handful of seasons, this is a great pick. It comes with a 12 month after-sale service in case something goes wrong.


  • Realistic design and eyes
  • Highly flexible
  • Moves like a real fish
  • Provide bass vibration
  • Great for versatile use
  • Durable construction
  • Great value for money


  • They are a bit heavier than average baits

Why We Recommend This:

These lures are very lifelike in their movements which attracts a wide range of species towards it. If you are uninterested in a versatile bait, this one is a no-brainer. 

10. Best for Ice Fishing: Acme Hyper-Glide Minnow Fishing Lure

The Acme Hyper-Glide is a really well designed gliding minnow bait that makes perth fishing really engaging and easy. This bait comes with working wings that resembles actual fish fins underwater. 

These ice fishing perch rigs have a patented VDrop system that can’t be found anywhere else. Due to this feature, you get unprecedented jigging action. 

The wings open and close in a lifelike manner that attracts a lot of perch to it. You will notice this actually works better than live baits especially for ice fishing. 

When the wings open and close, it creates a loud noise that sends vibration all around. The predatory fishes get triggered by it and come towards the bait. 

When you put this Hyper-Glide minnow bait in the water, it actually glides through the water with gills opened. This makes the lure fall in a natural swimming motion that even tricks us —experienced anglers

You do not have to know how to be a pro at jigging. Just give the rod a jiggle and the wings will open and close immediately. VDrop system allows vertical drop. This means you can get back on the fish quicker and smarter. 


  • Great for ice fishing
  • The gill action attracts perch
  • Easy to use
  • High quality construction
  • Great value for money


  • The size is a bit on the smaller side

Why We Recommend This:

This is an excellent perch fishing bait for ice fishing. If you like to fish a lot during winter times, this bait is an excellent choice with a high catch rate.

11. Most Well-Balanced: SundayPro Crankbaits Fishing Lures

SundayPro Topwater fishing lures are a set of micro crankbaits that can be used for both fresh and saltwater fishing activities. It comes in a 10pcs set with a gift box. 

You get colorful and bright micro crankbaits made from ABS material. This material is known for benign super strong and durable to use for years. The yellow perch bait is equipped with sharp tweeter hooks. 

Each bait has a 3D holographic fisheye with a rolling steel ball inside. When you put it in the water and waves start to move the bait, the ball starts rolling back and forth. This makes a noise to attract fishes.

The ball also helps with the overall balance. As the ball is not a solid piece of plastic, when you try to cast, it can go very further due to the internal rolling mechanism. This built-in gravity ball is super useful especially for beginner perch fishermen. 

Crankbaits are known for their versatile functionalities. This means you can use them for almost all bodies of water and for all species of fish. It’s also a great choice for anglers of all ages and skills. 

As this set comes in a beautiful box, you can give it to your friend or partner as a great present. If your closed ones are into fishing, there is no doubt they will love this crankbaits fishing lures set.  


  • Great for ponds and lakes
  • Holographic fisheye
  • Makes rhythmic sound
  • Comes with built-in gravity ball
  • Comes with a gift box
  • Made from good quality materials


  • Not very effective on saltwater

Why We Recommend This:

This yellow perch fishing bait set is one of the most well balanced ones on our list. This is due to the built-in gravity ball. This does not hold you back from casting at a very further distance.

13. Best Crankbaits: Sougayilang Minnow Fishing Lures Crankbaits Set

Yellow perch fishing gets really tricky as they are super smart to detect lures from  miles away. This is why the Sougayilang Minnow fishing lures crankbaits set is such a smart choice.

This white perch fishing lure can swim like a lifelike fish underwater. They are so convincing that predatory fishes come and get provoked to bite. 

Sougayilang Minnow lures can do this due to the internal small metal balls. When they are being dragged or moved due to water flow, the balls inside start to move as well. This makes noises and attracts the attention of big fishes. 

The whole body is very HD with a glossy, shiny finish. Due to this, you can notice them even if the water is unclear. The vivid simulated eyeballs are also another luring feature of this bait.

Sougayilang Minnow fishing lures come with 2 barbed treble hooks. Each hook is carefully sharpened and built to handle a lot of pressure. So You can use them for larger perch. 


  • Swims like a real fish
  • Makes sound to catch the attention of predator fishes.
  • High definition realistic body
  • Very sharp and sturdy hooks
  • Very colorful and eye catching


  • Does not have a good wobble

Why We Recommend This:

This set is great for largemouth bass and perch. The hooks are super sharp and can handle a lot of pressure. 

13. Super Durable: Sougayilang Fishing Spoons Lure

Sougayilang fishing spoons lure is a great 30pcs set with compact and sleek looking baits for your next perch fishing.

If you are a regular perch angler, you know this type of fish likes smaller baits more than bigger ones. So having a bait set with such a narrow profile design can be of huge advantage. 

You get five different colors in this set. This means you have freedom to experiment with different colors and their effectiveness on different fishing setups. You might want to try a red on for cloudy days whereas a neutral color for clear water. 

The whole thing is made with aluminum alloy, which means it’s environmentally friendly. It is also super durable and lightweight compared to any other options on our list. 

Metal is definitely going to be stronger than fabric or plastic. If you don’t like to buy new baits every season, having a set like this can last you years.

This perch fishing rigs set is great for lake and stream fishing. This means for species like pike, perch and bass, Sougayilang fishing spoons lure is very effective. Make sure to be careful as the treble hooks on this set are extremely sharp. 


  • Narrow, compact design
  • Solid construction
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Strong and sharp hooks
  • Easy to sting


  • Not super affordable

Why We Recommend This:

Due to the premium metal material, this fishing bat set is much more durable and long lasting than anything else on our list. If you want a reusable option that will serve you for years, Sougayilang fishing spoons lures are the best.

14. Best Value: NUOMI 5-Piece Mini Fishing Lures

We enjoy Nuomi 5-piece mini fishing lures for its high quality materials and durable construction. It uses ABS and high carbon steel to help you tackle any big species. 

These crickets have a really detailed finish with realistic eyes. So if you are into LRF fishing, you are going to love them. They are great for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. As they are relatively small, fishes do not second guess these baits. 

If you are particularly trying to catch perch, sunfish, crappie, bass or panfish, you will see they get very attracted to smaller baits like this. 

In each set, there are 5 different crickets in different colors. The colors are carefully selected to be useful in both clear water or muddy; on a sunny day or a cloudy one. These lures are great for fishing with smaller bodies of water. 

These lures are not fast sinking.t hey sink slowly and stay down in the water column. Due to the small size and lightweight body, you can cast really well without any issue. On top of that, the hooks are super sharp. 


  • High quality materials
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Eye-catching design
  • Sharp and strong hooks
  • Great for both fresh and saltwater fishing
  • Provide further casting
  • Very effective for perch


  • Does not wobble much

Why We Recommend This:

Apart from its fun and well-designed body, this bait is a super affordable option. If you are a beginner, having something like this can make jigging very engaging. 

Buying Guide

best bait for perch

We get it, it’s very confusing to choose one from so many options. Especially when all the choices are really highly rated, you can get overwhelmed. To help you out, we have made a buying guide with everything you need to know. 

We also added some tips for perch fishing —by pro anglers! So keep on reading to find out!


Most beginner anglers think sit size does not matter. But for perch fishing, you really need to take the measurements into account.

Unlike other fishes, perch is more attracted to smaller baits or worms. So if you use a giant crankbait to catch a perch, you can spend the whole day without any success. 

NUOMI Mini Fishing Lures is a small cricket lure that’s vastly effective for a small body of water. If you want something that is more versatile, Lixada Fishing Lure Set is a good option as well.

Bait Type and Material:

You can use a good range of different types of baits from live baits to hard baits. Soft baits and crankbaits are the most popular type for perch fishing. 

Crankbaits like Berkley Flicker Shad make sound which lures in big fishes toward it. You also need to look at the body material. 

ABS is a good material for fishing bait as it’s affordable and durable. If the bait is multi-jointed, make sure the joints are made out of textile materials. 

Some baits use stainless steel balls inside to make them have a better balance. These types of baits are more GOTOUR Bass Fishing Lures is a good durable choice on our list.


Some anglers say, colors don’t matter whereas others think it’s a very crucial element. The best way to find out the truth would be to experiment with different ones. 

But as a rule of thumb, you should go for lighter colors for clear water and bright colors for cloudy days or unclear water. 

Sougayilang Minnow Fishing Lures come in fun colors that attract larger predators towards it. 


Some lures are very traditional with minimal features. Soft baits usually don’t come with any smart technologies. But they are very useful in lieu of live baits. 

If you are looking for  a crankbait or a swimbait, make sure to look for useful features like lifelike 3D eyes, vibration emission, or tail movements. 

We really like Strike King KVD Popping Perch because of its spontaneous wings. They look realistic underwater. 

Tips for Perch Fishing:

01. Target the Big Perch:

The key to perch fishing is not to find the perch but to look for small fishes. Perch gattheres where the smaller fishes are. So look for areas that have shades. 

Timing is also very crucial. If you are planning to catch large perch, it is ideal to go fishing at the end of winter to early spring. 

Even though cold weather does not affect perch like other species, they do like to go into a binge eating zoen to gather as much energy for the end of winter as possible. That’s why you can catch bigger fish in between October to the end of February.

02. Proper Fishing Gears:

Having the proper fishing equipment is just as important as getting the right bait. This includes fishing rod, reels and any other gear you might need. 

Some people like using baitcasters for deep water fishing. Its’ ideal to use a good rod and reel combo to reduce your chances of getting a mismatched rod-reel combo. 

We suggest to go for a lightweight rod as you need hyper sensitivity for perch fishing. You can check out our top fishing rod and reel combo review.

03. Find Your Tactics:

There are different tricks on how to get the maximum out of your fishing experiences. Skilled anglers like to try many different fishing methods. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Float fishing
  • Lure fishing
  • Ledgering 

Experiment with different methods to find out the best trick. We like to spread some shredded shrimps around the water we are going to cast. This attracts smaller species of fish and they come running to eat the shrimps.

As perch are schooling fish, they like to follow other types of fishes around. So they come towards the bait and bites into it. This way you can easily catch a lot of perch in a short amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01. What is the Best Bait to Catch Yellow Perch?

Yellow perch is a popular freshwater fish that all anglers find a lot of fun catching during summertime. The best thing about them is, they are active all year round so there are no season limitations. 

To catch a yellow perch, you can try a good range of different bait options. We personally found  minnow, mealworms, nightcrawlers and crankbaits to be the most effective. 

As perch mostly feeds on small fish, shrimps, fish eggs or crayfish, it is important to focus that the bait is not too large. Plastic worms also work really well to lure in larger perch. 

02. What is the Best Time to Fish for Perch?

Even though you can fish for perch all year round, there are some specific times that are more effective than others. For example, for an early summer perch fishing, it’s better to go at early morning or early evening hours. 

For autumn, eventing is the best time to fish for yellow perch. If you plan to go for a winter fishing trip, kate afternoon or any time of the day with low light is the best.  

Perch likes to gather around shades. So in any season you are in, don’t go fishing in the middle of the day with direct sunlight on top of your head. 

03. What Size Hooks are for Perch Fishing?

The size of your hooks needs to be proportionate with the size of your fishing bait. As perch are more attracted towards smaller baits and lures, your hook needs to be on the smaller side as well. 

We have found the size 4 hooks to be the most effective. You can go in between 4 to 8 depending on how large your fishing lure is.

04. Where do Perch Like to Hang Out?

Perch are very social as they like to hang out in loose groups. All the groups like to stay in a similar location in a scattered manner. As perch are schooling fish, they are often surrounded by fishes of different species. 

So if you want to lure in a perch, it is very clever to try to lure in other more gullible fishes. When those smaller fishes will come towards your bait, the perch will follow them. This is a trick skilled anglers like to use all the time. 

05. How Deep do I Fish for Perch?

Perch are not deep water fishes in general. So you will often find them within 30 to 40 feet of water. They are often found in lakes, rivers, ponds and in basically most water areas. 

If you are fishing in a lake, look for perch around the clear water near vegetation. They like to gather sound shades in places where they can’t be seen. 

If it’s springtime, chances are they will swim around the shore a lot. So make sure to form your tactics based on the season you are in. 


We tried to put all of our favourites and well-tested baits on this list. We by no means imply that you need every single one of these!

Compare these new baits with what you have tried in the past to get a clear idea of what you enjoy and what you don’t. 

It’s not only about which one is the most effective, it’s also about which one YOU enjoy the most!

Baits are a very critical part of fishing that we often overlook. You can have the fanciest fishing gears and reels, but without a proper bait, you won’t catch a single fish.

So what’s the point of spending hundreds on gadgets if they all go in vein?

That’s why we believe —a great fishing lure or bait basically solves 60% of your hard work.

Did you find something from our list of top 14 best baits for perch? 

So which one did you pick? Let us know in the comments down below!

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