Abu Garcia BMAX3 Review And Comprehensive Buying Guide [2021]

Fishing being a favorite hobby to many, it might be less enjoyable in case of faulty and inadequate deprived quality tools. For beginners, the whole encounter might be even traumatizing due to the high cost involved with the fishing tools and the learning curve. To save the day, Abu Garcia BMAX3 has developed a cost-effective, reliable and robust companion for fishing adventures. There is an infusion on the reel and the rod of a trademark blend of precision, style, and performance that other companies and brands cannot match. The resulting tool, therefore, is flawless and one that delivers exceptional performance.

Several features in the Abu Garcia makes like its lightweight, and the smooth drag due to its power disk system is what makes this fish-reel unique. Another added advantage is that both right and left-handed people can use it as the spool is interchangeable to cater for both. Abu Garcia company prides itself with obsessive attention to detail and its products continually set the industry standard for quality and cutting-edge innovation.

If the above still sounds unreal, brace up because there is even more! Present are stainless steel ball bearing leading to smooth fishing. Also, it comes with one-piece graphite frame and side plates which gives the reel a more solid feel with almost zero flex. Additionally, the grips of the Abu Garcia bait caster are very comfortable, providing an excellent grip even if your hands are wet. The low-profile reel from Abu Garcia BMAX is a top option for you due to a number of its features and other benefits. Let’s learn more about this incredible reel in this Abu Garcia BMAX3 review below;

Abu Garcia BMAX3 Baitcasting Fishing Reel Review- A Snippet

Abu Garcia BMAX3 Baitcasting Fishing Reel

If your wish is to take your fishing to the next level, then you will realize Abu Garcia is the best companion. With amazing features, you will not regret spending some few bucks to get what you wanted. Discussed below is the review of the most critical elements;

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings:

The bait cast fishing reel has four stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing to deliver smooth operation. The ball bearings are aligned correctly to provide fluid operation and an outstandingly smooth retrieve. It will, therefore, make a great piece of equipment for beginners and advanced anglers. This feature engineering purpose was for smoothness.

Durable and Lightweight Graphite Construction:

Most people prefer quality products that will serve them longer. This construction is what Abu Garcia manufactures were aiming when they developed this design. Manufactured with durable graphite, the reel’s frame and side-plates offer superior firmness without weighing down your rod with excess weight. The machined anodized aluminum spool is built to withstand its components while still maintaining a lightweight feel. An added advantageous feature is the Dura-gear brass gear, which provides enough gear strength and durability to handle the toughest saltwater fishing situations. It is, therefore, good news to the anglers of course as Abu Garcia low profile baitcast fishing reel provides the Dura gear with a great value and improved performance of the item.

Maximum Drag:

Are you looking for a fish-reel that is silk-smooth in functionality? If yes, the Abu Garcia BMAX3 is the way to go! To cater for this silky-smooth all day fishing the Abu Garcia BMAX3 came up with the Power Disk drag technology. A powerful drag is necessary to catch hard-pulling fish species. This technology, therefore, comes as an excellent asset for anglers.  The power disk drag system blends strength and smoothness. This proven system delivers a smooth, reliable drag pressure across the entire drag range and remains flexible even under massive constraint.

Mag Trax Brake System:

A powerful brake system gives you control over the reel and accuracy. To cater for a working brake system, Abu Garcia adopted the Mag Trax Brake system. Mag Trax Brake System make-up is precise and offers exceptional cast control! This bait cast fishing reel capably handles a broad variety of techniques, bait sizes, and casting situations. The Mag Trax brake system employs steady pressure throughout the cast to boost cast range and accuracy. It also allows you to move the brake closer to the spool with just the turn of a dial of Mag Trax brake system giving an active control. It also creates a consistent brake pressure to boost your cast and provide accuracy.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Cranking:

Too much fatigue after fishing can be a turn off to many. To cater for this problem then, Abu Garcia developed a flawless design that will make your fishing trip fun and worthwhile. Featuring, low-profile design, and a recessed reel foot, this bait cast fishing reel sits leveled with the rod to enable an ergonomic and more controlled grip. The star wheel and compact bent handle offer a fluid, comfy feel that helps minimize fatigue, making this reel ideal for all-day fishing expeditions.


Warranty covers against Abu Garcia reels manufacturing impair in materials and craft for one year from date of purchase and rods for three years from the date of purchase. The warranty which covers consumer use only and not an industrial application. You can now have a peace of mind knowing that the company has you covered in case something is faulty.


The price of Abu Garcia BMAX3 Black Max low-profile fishing reel begins at $44. Since the fish-reel delivers maximum performance, this is an exceptional value. More costly models are also available mostly for avid fishers. Eventually, it is upon you determine how much you are willing to or can afford to spend to get this fish-reel.


  • It is an affordable piece.
  • The lightweight ensures Smooth running.
  • Efficient retrieving.
  • Consistent brake.
  • Excellent for all anglers, beginners to advanced.
  • Made of durable material to last longer.
  • Stylish Design.


  • Despite the high performance and moderated cost offered by this device, it is evident that there are traces of drawbacks while using this reel.
  • Customers reported that the fish-reel is a bit difficult for use by novice fishers.
  • However, this is a solvable situation once you go for several fishing trips; you would have mastered its use to perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01. Is it possible to use this bait caster in salt water?

Abu Garcia is at its best performance when used in fresh water. Freshwater use and maintenance practices help maintain its lifespan.

02. When reeling the line, the guide goes back and forth. Why?

Going back and forth is the working mechanism of the reel. The reel-guide movement during reeling purpose to distribute the line evenly across the spool. You can try stopping the fish-reel with the guide at the center to help with the casting.


Fishing is a kind of sport requiring your ability, determination, and patience to make the right baits and catches. It is, therefore, necessary to have reliable and consistent gear. This Abu Garcia BMAX3 delivers notable performance while giving you the intense pleasure of catching fishes. If you are on a budget, you will have a hard time beating the Abu Garcia Black Max. For most anglers, the Black Max would be a perfect addition if you are looking to add a few more combos to your arsenal. Lastly, Abu Garcia low-profile baitcast fishing reel is ideal for its durability and lightweight. We recommend it!

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