6 Hard-hitting Tips on Fly-Fishing for Beginners

Any kind of fishing is fun and angling is top of them to me.

I caught my first fish when I was only 7. I used a fishing rod which had no reel to catch the fish then. So, I have to collaborate manually with the fishing line.In my fishing life, I have used almost all sorts of lures, fishing rods, lines, leaders, reels and techniques to catch different kinds of fishes. So, I have tried every type of line fishing and rod fishing.

Among all the rod fishing and line fishing, I have found the fly fishing most difficult. It is not only because the leader is very long or lure is very light but also the casting techniques is way different.

Be a Pro on Fly-fishing by Following the Fly Fishing Tips

At first, I found fly-fishing most difficult. But following few steps and utilizing some techniques, I realized that fly fishing is nothing but angling with fly-lures.

I know that many interested people like me who bite their nails after every unsuccessful fly-fishing. So, I have sorted out seven most essential fly-fishing tips for beginners and rookies.

Learn First:

I have met bunches of fishing people in my life. One-fourth of them is very serious about fishing. They are genuine fishing guys who could not pass one single day without their rods and reels.

Some people are casual and go fishing in holidays or weekends. They are few and one fourth in number.

But rest half of the fishing people are just curious about fishing. For first few days, they come with wheels, cast them and wait. At last, they go home with the empty fish bin. Consequently, they lose their energy and interest in fishing and do not set foot for angling after 1-2 weeks.

If you ask them if they have got a word with any experienced one or any fishing coach, you will hear that they have not.

Starting fishing without any mentor’s help is the first wrong step. Notably, you must take a mentor when you are into fly-fishing. There are a whole lot of methods, techniques, and secrets of fly-fishing. You have to catch up all of them. Youtube videos, online articles, wiki how can help you in this case.

The central matter is the learning in the first place. Then go on the fishing

Quality Fly Fishing Rod Can Change the Game!

While you are in Fly fishing, you need a fly-fishing rod, a good quality one. Starting with an unbalanced fishing rod will make you slow. Hence, you may lose your interest too.

Take help from a knowledgeable one while buying your wheel. Don’t go for very cheap or very costly one. Buy a fly-fishing rod at a reasonable price. Consider everything like your motive of fishing or the type of fish you want to catch.

Investing your time and money while buying a fly-fishing wheel is the wisest decision. Check the lure weight, leader length, size of the rod and the materials from which it is made.

From my experience, an excellent fly-fishing wheel can help you find your casting angle more quickly.

Sort Out Perfect Casting Angel!

There are mainly two types of casting for fly fishing. One is the overhead casting, and another is sidewise casting. Overhead casting works when there are enough spaces for backcasting. Sidewise casting is the savior when there is not enough space for backcasting.

The time of stopping the rod

While forward casting is the main point of fly-fishing. A lousy loop length resists your fly from going to the maximum distance.

I would suggest a newbie start with tailing loop. It is more comfortable than a narrow loop or open loop. For making a tailing loop, you have to stop your rod at 80-degree angle after a strong backcasting.

But this is my idea. You can find out your preferences.

Ready Lure!

Why is fly-fishing called so? It is named so because of its lures. People use baitfish or fish food in regular fishing. But fly-fishing is different from others. You have to take artificial flies which usually you can buy from the store. You also can use feathers, dry flies, beetles, sedges even breadcrumbs.

But stick with 2-3 types of lures, when you are a beginner. Artificial bugs or flies are the best to start.

Each lure works differently. More the weight of the bait, more resistance you will find while casting. Start with the smallest and lightest one from your lure collection.

Dress Properly!

I have never used any special bought out dress for fishing. But, I won’t say that I don’t have my lucky outfit for fishing

Anyway, I never suggest people on getting a fishing outfit before fishing. After all, people angle as a hobby. If I tell them to spend extra money on buying a dress, it would not be right.

However,keep in mind one thing about dressing for fly fishing. The dress must not be loose-fitting. Otherwise, the cast line can stick to your dresses repeatedly. General t-shirt, slim fit half sleeve shirt, singlet, shorts, cargo pants with light color are best for fly- fishing.

Practice! Practice with Perfection!

The old proverb says “Practice makes a man perfect.” I say “perfect practice makes a man perfect.” Practice in fly-fishing without an aim is same as fishing with a fishing wheel without a fishing line. When you have made your mind about practicing fly-flashing, you should first work with the casting.

The casting is the trickiest part in fly-fishing. You do not need to go to a stream, pond or river for practicing casting. You can practice the throwing in an open field or your garden.

Casting has two steps; the backcasting and the forward cast. At first, try to improve your backcasting. Pay attention to the forward cast, when you get an idea and confidence about your backcasting.

You know how to throw your cast. You have a quality rod and a perfect lure. But if you do not practice repeatedly, your knowledge, your costly wheel, and attractive bait will not come in handy while fishing.

So, keep practicing.

In our fishing world, we say, “He who has patience has all fish.”

Meanwhile, keeping patience is the unuttered fly-fishing tip for beginners. Your patience and passion can lead you to be a good fly-fisher in your future day. I have told earlier that it is the most challenging fishing technique of all anglings.

So, follow the tips and rock your fishing club.

Happy fly-fishing!

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